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What is given to Cronus to eat instead of his son, Zeus?

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How does Prometheus anger the gods?

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How does Odysseus escape Polyphemus’s cave?

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In what practice do the flower myths of Hyacinth and Adonis probably have their roots?

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How does Psyche betray Cupid?

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What famous couple does the story of Pyramus and Thisbe most closely resemble?

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Without whose help would Jason not have gotten the Golden Fleece?

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How does Signy avenge her father’s death?

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What does Bellerophon foolishly try to do?

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What is the name of Daedalus’s son?

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For what is Perseus most famous?

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How does Theseus cause his father’s death?

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What does Theseus supposedly invent?

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Which of the following does Hercules not accomplish?

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From which three goddesses does Paris have to choose the fairest?

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Which of the following were all great Greek heroes in the Trojan War?

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Why is Achilles killed by an arrow in his heel?

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Why did the Trojans take the gigantic wooden horse within the city’s walls?

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Whose heart does Aeneas break?

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About how long is Odysseus away from Ithaca?

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The myths served many functions for the Greeks. Which of the following purposes did they not serve?

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What is Odysseus the only man ever to do and survive?

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Of what city is Aeneas is considered the “real” founder?

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In Norse mythology, on what day is the world destined to end?

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With whose help does Clytemnestra slaughter her husband, Agamemnon?