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When the novel opens, how long has Kathy been a carer?

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What does Tommy make in Miss Geraldine’s art class?

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Which guardian does the “secret guard” promise to defend?

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Which of the following is not part of Kathy’s collection?

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Why do Kathy and her friends approach Madame when she visits Hailsham?

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What does Miss Emily call the county of Norfolk?

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Why does Ruth expel Kathy from the secret guard?

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What is Miss Lucy doing when Kathy sees her in the empty classroom?

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How do Kathy and her friends punish Marge K. for embarrassing them?

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What gesture does Ruth copy from the veteran couples at the Cottages?

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Where does Kathy look for her possibles?

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What does Ruth do with her collection?

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How does Kathy react to Tommy’s animals?

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At the Cottages, how does Ruth irritate Kathy?

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Where does Ruth’s possible work?

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Who does Kathy not meet again after she leaves the Cottages to become a carer?

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How do Kathy and Tommy discover Madame’s address?

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Why does Madame collect the students’ artwork?

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What do Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy have to cross to get to the boat?

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What does Kathy think about when she hears that Hailsham will close?

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What does the marsh remind Tommy of?

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Who is Morningdale?

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Where does the novel’s title come from?

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Tommy and Kathy find a replacement for which of the following in Norfolk?

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What place does Kathy briefly visit after Tommy completes?