Greta Thunberg

A climate activist from Sweden who began her school strike at the age of 15. The speaker and author, who is on the autism spectrum, has gained worldwide fame for her outspoken advocacy against climate change. 

Elected officials

People who hold elected office in various nations. Thunberg has delivered several of her most powerful speeches to audiences of elected officials, such as United Nations delegates and the United States Congress, and generally uses a stern, accusatory tone. She typically reproaches them for failing to take climate change seriously and respond accordingly, and for failing to inform their constituents of the dire realities of the climate crisis.

Corporate officers

Top executives of corporations. In her addresses to the Davos Economic Forum, Thunberg takes these corporate leaders to task for putting their profits ahead of the well-being of future generations.


People who have achieved fame and wealth through the arts or sports. Thunberg urges them to change their behavior, such as the frequent use of private jets, and to use their popularity and influence to speak out about the danger of climate change.

Fellow activists

Allies of Thunberg, working toward the same overall goal. They protest against climate change and environmental destruction and advocate for ways to solve the climate crisis. 


Greta’s younger sister.

Svante and Malena Thunberg

Greta’s parents. They initially opposed her school strike but have become supportive of her activism and pay her expenses when she travels to make speeches.