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Who or what is producing the mysterious radio signals coming from the Seattle area?

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How does Peter Holmes die?

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What is the Jorgensen theory?

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Why does Dwight not let Moira be on the submarine when he sinks it?

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What gift does Dwight want to give to his daughter, Helen?

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Which of the following countries did NOT participate in the nuclear war?

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Mary gets angry with Peter when he asks her to do what?

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How do Peter and Mary spend their last days on earth?

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What does John dream of doing before he dies?

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What does Dwight encourage Moira to do?

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Why does Dwight and Moira's relationship stay platonic?

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Moira's father is a:

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What is the only living creature the submarine finds on their first cruise up the Australian coast?

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On his first visit to Moira's house, what does Dwight see that makes him happy?

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On whom does John blame the war?

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How does Yeoman Swain plan to spend his last days?

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What does Lieutenant Sunderstrom take back from Santa Maria Island?

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Why does Mary introduce Moira to Dwight?

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How long did the nuclear war last?

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Where does Dwight go to be alone and daydream about his family?

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What type of club does John join because he always dreamed about joining it?

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Shute's writing style is:

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On a Beach is a:

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What do Peter and Mary buy during their last trip together to Melbourne?

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What is John Osborne's responsibility aboard the submarine?