I love you almost as much as I love the Lord.

This quote comes from the chapter of Joshua. Jeanette says it to Melanie as they are heading to church. The quote is important because it comes right before the church meeting where the pastor accuses the two girls of being sinful with their love. The quote shows Jeanette's sincere love and affection for Melanie, as well as her belief that she is not doing anything wrong by loving Melanie. It contrasts greatly with the subsequent scene in which the church members will brutally condemn Jeanette for her impure thoughts and desires. Despite their criticism, Jeanette still sees no such fault. In fact, Jeanette's love for God, Melanie's love for God, and Jeanette's love for Melanie all seem to fit perfectly together in Jeanette's world. One reason that Jeanette feels so happy in her love for Melanie is because Melanie has joined her religious community, which basically has been her lifelong family. Jeanette sees Melanie as a gift from God, not as a temptation sent by the devil. Even after her condemnation, Jeanette will maintain her idea that she can love women and love God equally. Jeanette will never believe that she cannot love God simply because she is a lesbian. Jeanette's disagreement with the church on this matter starts her deep understanding of the religious misinterpretations of her church.