Hermione Granger is a quintessential brain, in the same way that while Harry represents courage and Ron represents loyalty. Hermione was born to a Muggle family, but she is the top student in her class. These traits make one of Malfoy's favorite targets. Hermione is petrified during the novel, but not before she has had the chance to add her vast knowledge to a series of detective efforts with Harry and Ron. She pleases her teachers and follows rules. She values grades and genuinely loves to learn. Although she disapproves of Ron and Harry's sometimes questionable behavior, she stands by them. Hermione is good- natured and adventurous, and always helpful and brilliant. When in doubt, she turns to books, and usually she knows how to find an answer. Hermione is perhaps the most compulsive and reasonable character in the book. She prioritizes academic details, is very self-confident, and gets along well with other confident people. She knows intuitively when to walk away from a conflict and when to dig more deeply. Her research on the basilisk enables Ron and Harry to know what to expect and how to enter the Chamber of Secrets.