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Who is the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team?

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What does Horace Slughorn teach?

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Who is Dumbledore’s deputy headmistress?

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Who does Hagrid bury in his backyard?

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What does Romilda Vane spike with a love potion?

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What potion brings its user unusually good luck?

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How old must a student be to take an Apparition test?

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Whom does Ron date briefly?

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Which House Elf does Harry inherent from his godfather, Sirius Black?

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Who does Harry catch with Sirius’s stolen belongings?

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What Horcrux does Dumbledore destroy before collecting Harry from his aunt and uncle?

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What does Draco Malfoy ask Borgin to fix for him?

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What does Harry suspect Draco Malfoy of being?

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Whose memory is too muddled to be of much use to Dumbledore and Harry?

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Who is Bill Weasley engaged to?

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Who bit Remus Lupin, turning him into a werewolf?

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What do Crabbe and Goyle transform into when they are keeping guard for Draco?

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Where is Draco when he cannot be located on the Marauder’s Map?

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Who did Hermione kiss two years ago?

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How many times has Dumbledore been offered the position of Minister of Magic?

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Who replaced Cornelius Fudge as the new Minister of Magic?

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Who wins the Quidditch championship this year?

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Who first tells Voldemort about Horcruxes?

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What does Harry slip into Ron’s drink the morning of his first Quidditch match?

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Who is the Half-Blood Prince?