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Julien Sorel's favorite book is:

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Which historical figure does Julien admire most?

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What does Julien's friend Fouqué do for a living?

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Who was Mathilde's famous ancestor?

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Who does Julien shoot?

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What was the color of the clergy?

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In which period of French history does the novel take place?

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What does M. Valenod do for a living?

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How many children do the Rênals have?

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What is Julien's ennobled name?

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Where does Julien's trial take place?

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What country does the Marquis want Julien to leave for?

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Who does Julien use to make Mathilde jealous?

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Who is the director of the seminary?

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M. de Rênal belongs to which political party?

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How is Julien executed?

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What book can Julien recite by heart?

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What does Julien use to reach Mathilde's window?

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What is the first thing Julien does to Mme. de Rênal?

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During which year did Stendhal write The Red and the Black?

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Who writes the letter to the Marquis that denounces Julien?

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Who can tell that Julien is a hypocrite?

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Who is the foreman of the jury?

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What form of desire does Stendhal describe in the novel?

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