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Where is Tommy living when the book opens?

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How old is Tommy Wilhelm?

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Who does Tommy entrust with the last of his money?

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From where did Tommy graduate college?

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What does Dr. Adler call his son?

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What does Tommy do with his cigarettes when he has finished smoking them?

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What is Tommy's true name?

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What is Dr. Adler's response when Tommy asks his father the year of his mother's death?

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Why is Tommy in need of money?

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Why is Tommy unable to marry Olive?

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How does Tommy Feel about New York?

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What does Tommy always drink in the morning?

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What is Wilhelm's appearance like?

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What does Wilhelm do after Mr. Perls leaves the table?

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What does Tommy's father suggest that Tommy do?

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Why does Philipa want to borrow money from Dr. Adler?

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Who is Philipa?

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Who is Scissors?

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What dramatic action does Wilhelm commit at breakfast that angers his father?

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What does Wilhelm do after he signs to power of attorney over to Dr. Tamkin?

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What does Tommy think of Dr.Tamkin throughout the novel?

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Who is the poem Dr. Tamkin wrote about?

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What did Tommy's grandfather call him when he was younger?

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What happens to Tommy at the market?

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What does Wilhelm respond when Tamkin asks him if he loves his father?

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Where does Tommy end up at the end of the novella?