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What is Guluband's special talent?

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Why does Shabanu worry about Mithoo when he is born?

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Why does Kalu fight Tipu?

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Why does Shabanu eventually wear her chadr when she and Dadi set out for Sibi?

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What will happen to the Bugti girl when her family finds her?

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What does Dadi want most when selling his camels?

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Why does Dadi sell Guluband to Wardak?

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Where did the beautiful shatoosh in the old man's shop come from?

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Who offers Shabanu the greatest sympathy over Guluband when she returns from Sibi?

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How does Shabanu feel when she first sees that her breasts are growing?

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How does Shabanu react when she sees Dadi fighting at the camp near Channan Pir?

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What does Sharma tell Shabanu at Channan Pir?

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How does Grandfather survive the dust storm?

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How do desert people signal for help when they are lost and thirsty?

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Why can't the family bury Grandfather in the military cemetery?

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How did Lal Khan probably die?

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Why does Dadi tell Shabanu to stay with Phulan at all times in Mehrabpur?

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Why do Nazir Mohammad's friends decide they are not interested in Shabanu?

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Who calls the women from Maujgarh, claiming to be Dadi?

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Why does Bibi Lal's family flee to Yazman?

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How does Shabanu act when she first meets Rahim-sahib in the courtyard at Yazman?

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How does Phulan feel when the adults tell her she will marry Murad?

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Why does Rahim-sahib want to marry Shabanu?

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What does Shabanu think of the gifts Rahim-sahib sends her?

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What does Sharma say will make a man love his wife?

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Why does Shabanu remove her ankle bracelets before she runs away?

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Why does Shabanu stop running away when Mithoo breaks his leg?