Chapter XVII

Jubal begins dictating a story entitled "I Married a Martian." Another two squad cars arrive, and Jubal orders the door bolted. Jubal decides to change the story title to "I Married a Human," and then a phone call comes in from Douglas. Jubal tells Douglas that he is acting as attorney for Mike. Jubal tells Douglas to have the police at the door called off so that they can negotiate properly. Jubal allows the door opened. He has the police sergeant—who has come to arrest him—speak directly to Douglas over the phone. Douglas orders the sergeant to desist and leave.

Douglas and Jubal arrange to meet. Jubal insists on bringing a small delegation, and claims that he has been instructed by Mike that Ben must be part of their group. Douglas objects, as he finds Ben's writing offensive. After heated discussion, Douglas relents. Jubal lets Douglas know that he also needs to find Ben. Jubal, as a private citizen, has been unable to, but with the resources of the police, Douglas should have no problem.

Jill kisses Jubal in gratitude, and kisses Mike in delight. Jubal is impressed at Mike's kissing ability. Mike explains that kissing is a kind of water- sharing, and a "growing-closer." Mike offers to kiss Jubal, but Jubal instead suggests that Mike kiss Dorcas. They kiss, and Dorcas faints. Anxious to experience his kissing skills, Anne and Miriam try kissing Mike.

Mackenzie calls and, for his help, Jubal rewards him an exclusive interview. Duke returns and helps to repair the damaged transmission to the networks. Duke tells Jubal that he has come to the conclusion that Mike's eating habits are his own business. Reporters come and conduct brief interviews. Douglas calls and tells Jubal that Ben has been found, supposedly having disappeared to Mexico on a drunken bender.

Ben arrives, drunk though he does not remember drinking, since he has been drugged by the police. Jubal talks to him briefly and sends him to bed. Jubal asks Anne what makes Mike's kissing special. Anne explains that unlike Earth men, Mike is able to give a kiss his full and undivided attention.

Chapter XVIII

Mike and Ben share water. Annoyed by her closeness to Mike, Ben proposes marriage to Jill. Jill tells Ben she cannot and Ben realizes that her attachment to Mike is deep and nurturing. Jubal tells Ben that he has an idea that Douglas can be made an ally, and he asks Ben not to attack Douglas too scathingly in his column. Ben asks Jubal about Mike's Martian beliefs. Jubal says he does not endorse the Martian belief system himself, but he respects Mike's right to believe what he chooses.