1. How many murders (for which we have details) did Holmes commit?

2. What was Burnham’s lifelong insecurity?

3. What aspect of the lake was Olmsted stubborn about?

4. Which character dies early on in the book?

5. How many times did Ferris have to present his wheel before he was allowed to build it?

6. Which of Holmes’ girlfriends/wives does he kill?

7. What does Holmes hire Charles Chappell as?

8. What causes the Cold Storage tower fire?

9. Why does Holmes design his building himself?

10. Why is Jonathan Belknap suspicious of Holmes?

11. Which building took the heaviest beating from severe weather?

12. What architectural problem did Root solve?

13. Which day broke France’s attendance record and recouped the Fair’s debt?

14. Why does Burnham give Charles Dudley Arnold a monopoly on official Fair photographs?

15. How did people respond to the Court of Honor?

16. What color were the buildings painted?

17. What happened to the firemen who responded to the Cold Storage tower fire?

18. Why does Holmes offer to sell Ned his pharmacy?

19. What does Olmsted discover is the reason for low attendance at the beginning of the Fair?

20. How does Prendergast see his relationship with Harrison?

21. How many people were injured on the Ferris Wheel?

22. What did Holmes do with Carrie?

23. Where did Geyer finally find Howard?

24. What happened to the White City after it closed?

25. What happens to Harrison in the end?