Boris and Theo share similar stories. Like Theo, Boris’s mother is dead. Like Theo, Boris’s father abuses drugs and alcohol and is neglectful, even abusive. Boris protects himself from his pain and loneliness by pretending nothing bothers him, including his mother’s death. Even as a teenager, Boris is intelligent and street-smart. Sometimes, he lives on the streets. Boris is sexually active and likes to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and steal food. Mostly, he lives in his house alone. Boris finds a kindred spirit in Theo, and the two comfort each other by sharing and accepting each other’s pain. While a loyal friend, Boris sometimes acts impulsively, which is why he steals The Goldfinch from Theo before Theo leaves Las Vegas. Years later, however, Boris reveals his loyal heart when he helps Theo find the painting. Boris lives life to the fullest extent. He makes lots of money, mostly illicitly. He has a wife, two children, and many girlfriends. Boris laughs heartily and eats and drinks with gusto. He dresses well and travels often. Boris is Theo’s opposite yet also his greatest friend.