If Welty and later Theo are the brains of the antique business, Hobie is its hands. The love and care that Hobie puts into his furniture restoration are extreme. Hobie is the kindest, most well-adjusted, most loving and loveable character in the novel. It is clear how much he adores and respects Welty. Hobie cares for Pippa as if she were his own daughter. He also welcomes Theo into his home and shop with open arms. Later, Hobie welcomes Theo in again, without hesitation, despite Theo’s horrible physical and mental condition. Despite humble beginnings and a mean father, Hobie is a man of great integrity who makes many friends and cares deeply about the people who surround him.

Hobie’s heart is pure and open not only to giving love unconditionally but to receiving it as well. He would never rob or cheat anyone, and he always looks for the good in people. Over time, Hobie’s personal philosophy rubs off on Theo. Hobie’s only fault may be that he is too trusting.