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What does the bomb mold that Mr. Heng acquires resemble?

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What does Fowler find troubling during the air raid with Captain Trouin in Haiphong?

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What sign does Fowler use to indicate to Mr. Heng’s men that Pyle has accepted his invitation for dinner?

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When Pyle asks Phuong to marry him, what does he offer her?

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Tanyin is the spiritual center of which religion?

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Which French philosopher do Fowler and Vigot discuss over a game of 421?

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Why does Fowler prefer to think of himself as a “reporter” rather than a “correspondent”?

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What political concept does Pyle adopt from the work of York Harding?

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With which political group is Mr. Heng associated?

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Why do the Viet Minh sentries attack the watchtower where Fowler and Pyle take refuge?

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Why does Fowler think Vigot asks him to identify Pyle’s body?

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Why does Pyle travel to Phat Diem to meet Fowler?

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What does Fowler find in Mr. Muoi’s garage?

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What is the subject of the film that Phuong tells Fowler about in the novel’s final scene?

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When Fowler recalls the night Pyle and Phuong met, what does he say was wrong with Pyle’s dancing?

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What does Fowler take from Pyle’s apartment as a keepsake?

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After Pyle saves Fowler from the watchtower explosion, what does Fowler accuse him of?

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What is Phuong’s favorite subject to read about?

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What does Fowler contemplate in the Caodaist cathedral in Tanyin?

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How does Phuong find out that Fowler lied to her about the content of Helen’s letter?

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Why does Fowler decide against buying the apartment from the French rubber planter?

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Which political group does Fowler think treats Vietnamese peasants with the greatest respect as individuals?

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What is in the river that Fowler and the European troops cross in Phat Diem?

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What does Fowler do when he locks himself in the lavatory at the American Legation following his altercation with the economic attaché?

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During their conversation in the watchtower, what does Fowler confess to Pyle as being his greatest fear?