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Why does Mortenson learn the Muslim way of prayer?

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Why is Mortenson first attracted to Korphe?

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What is Mortenson’s most important reason for climbing K2?

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What mistake led to Mortenson’s kidnapping in Waziristan?

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After learning that a bridge must be built in Korphe before constructing the school, Mortenson is very depressed. What finally raises his spirits?

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Sir Edmund Hillary, one of Mortenson’s heroes, is famous for what accomplishment?

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Mortenson attends a prayer service and later meets Syed Abbas in which type of establishment?

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Who helps get the first fatwa against Mortenson removed?

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When the Korphe Women’s Vocational Center opens, what type of equipment does it provide?

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How is the school built in Hushe different from the other CAI schools?

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Why is Mortenson called “Dr. Greg” in Pakistan?

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How do Mortenson and Tara Bishop meet?

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How does Haji explain his decision to give up twelve of the village’s valuable rams?

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How is Mortenson different from most Westerners, according to Twaha?

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Why does Mortenson decide the CAI should focus on providing education through the first five grades?

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What does Mortenson do to help people in the Skardu refugee camp?

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Why does Jahan interrupt the meeting in Korphe?

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Where does Mortenson go to learn more about education for girls?

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What two groups fought in the Kargil Conflict?

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What is a madrassa?

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What surprises Mortenson when he is introduced to Donald Rumsfeld?

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What precious commodity do the widows of Kuardu send to the widows of New York?

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What does Kathy Gannon think about the “media circus” at the Marriot after 9/11?

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Why was Kevin Fedarko traveling with Mortenson in Pakistan?

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Why does Mortenson go to Sadhar Khan’s territory?