1. Analyze the relationship between Tom and Huck Finn, paying close attention to their trip to the graveyard and their hunt for treasure.


2. Analyze Tom’s relationship to the other boys his age, paying close attention to the whitewashing scene and the scenes at school.


3. Discuss how Twain uses satire in the Sunday school scene.


4. Trace Tom’s courtship of Becky. In what ways is their romance adultlike? In what ways is it childish?


5. Discuss Twain’s portrayal of the town’s authority figures, especially Judge Thatcher, Mr. Dobbins, and the minister.


6. Analyze Twain’s portrayal of Injun Joe. Does Twain want us to feel sympathy for Injun Joe? How can you tell?


7. Analyze the relationship between the adults and children of St. Petersburg. Focus especially on the adult reaction to Tom Sawyer.