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Joseph K. works in a

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After he gives his speech at the first interrogation, K. notices that the members of the audience are wearing

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The young washer-woman offers herself to K. the second time they meet. But before any crazy Kafka sex ensues, she is carried off by

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Fraulein Montag teaches

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Who is punishing the two warders in the lumber room?

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The law student is described as

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Uncle Karl lives

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Leni is the lawyer's

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What is Titorelli's connection to the Court?

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When K. steps out of Titorelli's room, he finds himself in

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Who is supposed to meet K. at the cathedral?

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Whom does K. meet instead?

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What does the doorkeeper give the man from the country who requests admittance to the Law?

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The doorkeeper is described as having the beard of a

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Block has a secret that would anger the lawyer if the lawyer knew it. What is Block's secret?

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K. is recommended to Titorelli by

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What is Joseph K.'s surname?

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Where does The Trial take place?

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Where did Kafka spend most of his life?

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Kafka wrote in

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Joseph K. declares that he has been killed like a

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Since we don't know her first name, we might say that Fraulein Burstner's initials are

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Throughout the manuscript of the unfinished novel, Kafka referred to Fraulein Burstner simply as