Summary: Chapter 17: The Game

When Edward brings Bella home to change into more casual clothing for a baseball game with the Cullens, Billy and Jacob Black are waiting in their car. Bella invites them in. Billy warns Bella about being with Edward and says that Charlie should know about Edward as well, but Bella reminds him of the Quileute pact that prevents Billy from exposing the truth. When Charlie comes home, Bella informs him that she’s dating Edward, and Charlie is surprised but accepting. Later, Edward arrives to meet Charlie and promises that Bella will be safe with him that evening. 

Driving Emmett’s huge Jeep, they travel down a rough mountain path until they reach its end. Edward then carries Bella on his back and races to a large open field where his family is waiting. A storm rages to the west. Esme and Bella watch the other Cullens play baseball with incredible speed and power, and it becomes clear that they need to play during a thunderstorm to hide the loud crack of their bats against the ball. Esme tells Bella that she had jumped off a cliff when her baby died and that she now sees Edward as a son. Esme reveals that she’s very happy that Edward has found Bella. Suddenly, Alice senses that other vampires are approaching. Edward reads their minds and believes that they are just curious, not dangerous, so the Cullens warily continue to play. Edward stands protectively by Bella, apologizing for exposing her to danger. Soon, they hear the others approaching.

Summary: Chapter 18: The Hunt

Three vampires approach the Cullens—two men and one woman. The leader introduces himself as Laurent and the others as Victoria and James. Carlisle introduces the Cullens and invites the three strangers back to their home, but asks them not to hunt in the area as it might cause problem for his family. Just then a breeze ruffles Bella’s hair, and James immediately realizes that Bella is a human. Edward and James drop into crouches, snarling and baring their teeth at one another. Carlisle firmly states that Bella is under the Cullens’ protection, and the tension somewhat lessens. Laurent agrees that he, James, and Victoria won’t harm Bella or hunt in the area, and he accepts the invitation to the Cullens’ house. 

Edward, Alice, and Emmett bring Bella back to the edge of the trees, protecting her as they walk. Then they race back to the Jeep, with Bella on Edward’s back. Edward drives away from Forks to get Bella as far away as possible, but Bella insists that she must go home; otherwise, Charlie will call the FBI. Alice keeps telling Edward to pull over so they can think. Edward insists that James is a tracker and will follow Bella’s scent to her home, which makes Bella scared for Charlie. After debating among themselves, they agree to Bella’s plan: she will go home, pretend she’s angry, and tell Charlie she’s leaving for Phoenix. Alice and Jasper will go with her, while Edward and Emmett stay behind to deal with James.

Summary: Chapter 19: Goodbyes

At Bella’s doorstep, Bella screams angrily at Edward and slams the door, then runs to her room to pack. Bella realizes that the only way to protect Charlie is to convince him to let her leave, and to do that, she’ll have to deeply hurt his feelings. As Charlie pounds on her door, Bella announces that she’s going home to Phoenix. When Charlie asks if Edward hurt her, Bella responds that she broke up with Edward and that she can’t stand Forks. Bella cruelly repeats the same words that her mother, Renée, used when she left Charlie in Forks years ago. 

Once in her truck, Edward and Bella race to the Cullens’ home with Alice following in another car. However, James, who tracked Bella home and overheard her say she was going to Phoenix, is following too. Edward explains that James is thrilled by the challenge of hunting Bella while she’s being protected by such a strong family. Edward will have to kill James, and the only way to do so is to tear him into pieces and burn the remains. At the Cullens’ home, Laurent explains that James is a formidable vampire who can’t be stopped. He then apologizes and leaves. Esme gives Bella clothes to wear to help hide her scent. Esme and a resentful Rosalie drive west in Bella’s truck, luring Victoria to follow them. Alice and Jasper drive south with Bella. Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett plan to draw James away and then attack him.

Analysis: Chapters 17–19

In contrast to Bella’s strained communication with her family, Edward shows the connection and loyalty a family should have. One of Edward's small demands is that Bella must be more open with Charlie. If Bella wants a proper relationship with Edward, he wants to meet Charlie because that’s what a “good” guy would do before a date. Edward wants to make choices with Bella that make him the good guy, and sneaking into her bedroom at night is not a good guy action. At the baseball game, Bella not only gets to see how the family plays together but also how they unite when danger approaches. It’s clear by the way Edward’s family surrounds and protects Bella when the other vampires arrive that they’ve accepted her as one of their own.

With the introduction of James, Twilight again plays with the idea of good versus evil. While both James and Edward are vampires, they aren't equal in terms of morality. When the baseball game attracts the attention of James, Victoria, and Laurent, Edward no longer views himself as the most dangerous threat to Bella’s existence. If all vampires are evil, as Edward believes, then there would be no difference between James and Edward. However, Edward shows again and again that he isn’t like James. He’s chosen good in every moment he’s spent with Bella and didn’t kill her. Edward’s baser needs take a backseat when it comes to Bella because he is predominantly concerned for her safety.