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Who kills Boromir?

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Whom is Aragorn pursuing at the opening of The Two Towers?

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What is Legolas’s special ability?

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What are the Uruk-hai?

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What type of creature is Fangorn?

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What is an Entmoot?

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What is the final decision of the Ent assembly?

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What is the relation between Gandalf and the White Rider?

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Who is most closely associated with the Golden Hall?

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Who controls the realm of Isengard?

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Who is Éowyn?

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For what does Gandalf denounce Wormtongue?

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What is a palantír?

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How is Saruman’s palantír separated from its owner?

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Which two characters are the primary focus of the second half of The Two Towers?

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For what food does Gollum frequently yearn?

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How are Boromir and Faramir related?

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Why does Faramir blindfold Frodo and Sam?

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What is Gollum doing when Faramir’s men spot him?

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To what do the stairs of Cirith Ungol lead?

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What does Gollum call the Ring?

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What is Shelob?

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What does the phial of Galadrial provide?

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How do Sam and Frodo overcome the obstacle of Shelob’s cobwebs?

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In what state does Sam find Frodo after Shelob’s attack?