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At the beginning of the novel, what city do the characters believe has just fallen to the Union army?

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Where do Bayard and Ringo hide after shooting a Yankee horse?

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Which enslaved person gloats to Bayard at the Confederate defeats, then runs off and leads Yankee soldiers to the plantation?

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What does Granny do whenever she is forced to tell a lie?

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What family treasure does Granny insist that the slaves unbury and bring to her room the night before her journey to Memphis?

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How did Uncle Buck and Uncle Buddy decide which one of them would go to war?

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What does Colonel Sartoris do to his accidental Yankee captives?

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How does Colonel Sartoris evade the Yankees when they come looking for him at the plantation?

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Where does the Sartoris family live after the house is burned?

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What happens to the young slave woman who is deserted by the others while journeying to the river?

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What is the name of the Yankee colonel who writes an order granting Granny dozens of slaves and mules?

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Who is responsible for scouting out the positions of the Union troops so Granny can conduct her scam?

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How do Granny and the boys escape from the furious Union soldiers after being caught in their fraud?

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Where does Granny distribute money and mules to the local poor people?

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Where is Grumby's hideout?

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Where do Uncle Buck and the boys begin their search for Grumby?

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Why does Uncle Buck leave Bayard and Ringo after they have captured Ab Snopes?

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What do Bayard and Ringo nail to Granny's grave marker?

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Who was Gavin Breckbridge?

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What does Drusilla wear to the election showdown in Jefferson?

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What kind of business did Colonel Sartoris and Ben Redmond enter together?

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Who warns Bayard not to kill Redmond for the sake of others' respect?

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What does Redmond do after shooting at Bayard?

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What does Drusilla leave on Bayard's pillow at the end of the novel?

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What is the real-life town upon which Jefferson is modeled?