1. In what state was Washington born?

2. What is the name of the first building built by students on Tuskegee’s campus?

3. Who was Washington’s rumored father?

4. After emancipation, where was Washington’s first job?

5. How did Washington gain admittance to the Hampton Institute?

6. What nickname does Washington give to the students he teaches at Hampton’s night-school?

7. According to Washington, which group makes the best audience?

8. Which school of higher education grants Washington an honorary degree?

9. Which of the following describes Washington’s beliefs about African-Americans’ fight for full recognition of their political rights?

10. According to Washington, how did most blacks respond to whites following Emancipation?

11. How did Washington obtain new clothes while at the Hampton Institute?

12. In what city does Washington deliver his most famous speech?

13. What are the names of Washington’s siblings?

14. The “T” in Booker T. Washington stands for:

15. What were some of the challenges Washington faced making bricks?

16. How does Washington feel about the educated blacks he meets in Washington, D.C.?

17. Why does Washington admire General Armstrong?

18. What kind of work does Washington do for Mrs. Ruffner?

19. Where does Washington sleep his first time in Richmond?

20. How is Washington’s Atlanta Exposition speech received?

21. On behalf of which city’s candidacy for state capital does Washington speak?

22. What object must students have to gain admission to Tuskegee?

23. How does Washington describe his childhood as a slave?

24. According to Washington, on what items do Southern blacks foolishly spend their money?

25. According to Washington, how will blacks achieve full recognition of their political rights?