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What word is used to describe the people whom the old writer sees pass before his eyes in the introductory section?

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What is Wing Biddlebaum's former profession?

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What does Doctor Reefy do with his little scraps of paper?

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What kind of business does the Willard family run?

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Why is Doctor Parcival afraid that he will be lynched?

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When George Willard says "She hasn't got anything on me. Nobody knows," he is talking about

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Why does Jesse Bentley inherit his father's farm?

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Jesse Bentley's grandson is named

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Why is Louise Bentley treated badly by the girls she lives with as an adolescent?

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What does David Hardy do after he hits Jesse Bentley in the head with a rock?

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What kind of team does Joe Welling organize and manage in Winesburg?

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What happened to the man Alice Hindman was in love with?

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What does Wash Williams hate?

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With which girl does Seth Richmond go out walking?

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Who gives Tandy Hard her first name?

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Who does the Reverend Curtis Hartman see when he looks through the window in the bell tower?

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What is Kate Swift's profession?

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What is special about the people who inhabit Enoch Robinson's New York apartment?

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Who does Belle Carpenter go out walking with at night?

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What does Elmer Cowley think that other people call him and his family behind their backs?

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What does Ray Pearson feel an urge to tell Hal Winters?

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What does Tom Foster do because he "wanted to learn things?"

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With whom does Doctor Reefy find himself falling in love?

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What did Elizabeth Willard's father leave her?

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On the night of the Winesburg County Fair, who does George Willard go to see?