Problem :

Farmer Bob's Farm
Farmer Bob wants to completely enclose his farm (dimensions shown above) with a fence. He buys 55 meters of fence, and has 1 meter left over when he is finished. How long is the short side of his garden?

9 meters

Problem : John and Sarah go to a baseball game; they have the same amount of money. He buys 2 hot dogs for $3 each, a soda for $2, a hat for $10, and a candy bar. She buys a t-shirt for $16 and two candy bars. They both spend all their money. How much does a candy bar cost?


Problem : Jim is running laps around a track. He runs 4800 meters (3 miles) in 10 laps. How many meters is one lap?

450 meters

Problem : Five years ago, Peter was twice as old as Greg. If Peter is 21 years old now, how old is Greg?

13 years old

Problem : Elizabeth went to the grocery store with 16 dollars. She spent half of her money plus x dollars. She then went to the hardware store and bought a hammer for 2x dollars. She spent her remaining 2 dollars at the drug store. How much did the hammer cost?

4 dollars

Problem : Brian picked a number, multiplied it by 5, added 24, and then divided the result by 7. He ended up with his original number. What number did he pick?