Problem : If Greg rides his bike at 6 miles per hour, how far does he travel in 30 minutes? How long does it take him to ride 14 miles?

3 miles; 2hours

Problem : In a grape-eating contest, Mark eats grapes at a rate of 12 grapes per minute. How long does it take him to eat 108 grapes? If Stan eats 72 grapes in the same amount of time, how fast is he eating?

9 minutes; 8 grapes per minute

Problem : George drives 300 miles. It takes him 4 hours. How fast is he going? If he had driven 15 miles per hour slower, how long would it have taken him?

75 mph; 5 hours

Problem : George travels for x hours at 45 miles per hour. Mike travels for 2x - 1 hours at 30 miles per hour. They go the same distance. What is x?

x = 2

Problem : It takes Sally 30 minutes to bike to the park, which is 9 miles away. It takes her 75 minutes to bike to the lake, biking at the same speed. How far away is the lake?

22.5 miles

Problem : Bill and James are licking stamps. Bill licks stamps at a rate of 15 stamps per minute. If James licks the same amount of stamps as Bill in half the time, how fast does he lick stamps?

30 stamps per minute

Problem : Katy and Allison are running a race. They start at the same time, and after a certain amount of time, Katy has run 14 miles and Allison has run 12 miles. If Katy runs 1 mile per hour faster than Allison, how fast does each girl run? How long have they been running?

Allison runs 6 mph, Katy runs 7 mph. They have been running for 2 hours.