Problem : The terminal side of angle θ in standard position contains the point (7,24). What is sin(θ)

Problem : Which trigonometric functions are independent of the distance between a point and the origin (when the terminal side of an angle in standard position contains that point)?

Tangent and cotangent

Problem : If the sine of an angle is negative, which other trigonometric functions will definitely have negative values?

Cosecant. The others can have either positive or negative values when sine is negative.

Problem : In which two quadrants is the cosine function always positive?

Quadrants I and IV

Problem : The point (-3,-4) lies on the terminal side of angle θ in standard position. What are the values of all six trigonometric functions at θ?

sin(θ) = = - 0.8cos(θ) = = - 0.6tan(θ) = 1.33csc(θ) = = - 1.25sec(θ) = - 1.67cot(θ) = = 0.75