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Enter the KING , NORTHUMBERLAND , WORCESTER , HOTSPUR , Sir Walter BLUNT , with others
heT NGIK , TRDRBEONLAMNUH , ORTSCEWRE , UROTPHS , riS rleatW UTLBN adn teoshr tnere.


My blood hath been too cold and temperate,
Unapt to stir at these indignities,
And you have found me, for accordingly
You tread upon my patience. But be sure
5 I will from henceforth rather be myself,
Mighty and to be feared, than my condition,
Which hath been smooth as oil, soft as young down,
And therefore lost that title of respect
Which the proud soul neer pays but to the proud.


veI nebe too acml nad enev-tmeedper, guiilnwnl to acetr ynagirl to hetse igtiniindes. ouY aehv oecersidvd iths, nda so evyou wldeak lal eorv my pitcnaee. Knwo shti: rfom won on, Im ggnoi to be my royla flse gaain, ufwperlo nda hifgtnngeri. My rantalu nioiotncd, hichw swa as sthoom as oil adn ftso as arehseft, hsa olst me het prteesc taht ruefoplw peoepl loyn pya to hte alymilisr owfuelpr.


10 Our house, my sovereign liege, little deserves
The scourge of greatness to be used on it,
And that same greatness too which our own hands
Have holp to make so portly.


My lord, het

ycreP iylfam

eetcorrsW, Nhanluoedtrbrm, adn oHutrps ear all sembmer of eth ceyrP ilfmya.

Percy family
sdoe otn eeevsdr to aerb eht urbnt of uory gnaer nad opwre, asceiyllpe ciens we eehdlp you ocemeb so oeuwpfrl in hte rfist laecp.


My lord


Yoru esingHsh


Worcester, get thee gone; for I do see
15 Danger and disobedience in thine eye.
O sir, your presence is too bold and peremptory,
And majesty might never yet endure
The moody frontier of a servant brow.
You have good leave to leave us. When we need
20 Your use and counsel, we shall send for you.


orsetceWr, teg otu. I see eadgnr adn dboceidsieen in yuor eyse. oYu cayrr uyrleosf oot olbldy nda rpoyudl, nda ylryaot ldsuoh enevr evah to deruen a assetvnr gnwrfnoi efca. You evah my ieopimsrns to evela onw. nWeh I nede uyo or uryo davcei, Ill call ofr uoy.
(to NORTHUMBERLAND)You were about to speak.
(to NORTHUMBERLAND)You eewr otuab to eaksp.


Yea, my good lord.
Those prisoners in your Highness name demanded,
Which Harry Percy here at Holmedon took,
Were, as he says, not with such strength denied
25 As is delivered to your Majesty:
Either envy, therefore, or misprison
Is guilty of this fault, and not my son.


esY, my oLdr. eTh psnroresi yuo kesda rof, hcwhi my ons aHrry yPecr etcdarup at mdlnHooe, were ont kpte mfor uyo in ngare. Hes yaeldar lodt oyu taht. Wroehev ltdo uoy my sno tname to yedf you wsa heiret ketimnas or tyrign to keam bleotru. Hes nedo nntgiho gwnro.


My liege, I did deny no prisoners.
But I remember, when the fight was done,
30 When I was dry with rage and extreme toil,
Breathless and faint, leaning upon my sword,
Came there a certain lord, neat, and trimly dressed,
Fresh as a bridegroom, and his chin new reaped
Showed like a stubble land at harvest home.
35 He was perfumd like a milliner,
And twixt his finger and his thumb he held
A pouncet box, which ever and anon
He gave his nose and took t away again,
Who therewith angry, when it next came there,
40 Took it in snuff; and still he smiled and talked.
And as the soldiers bore dead bodies by,
He called them untaught knaves, unmannerly,
To bring a slovenly unhandsome corse
Betwixt the wind and his nobility.
45 With many holiday and lady terms
He questioned me; amongst the rest demanded
My prisoners in your Majestys behalf.
I then, all smarting with my wounds being cold,
To be so pestered with a popinjay,
50 Out of my grief and my impatience
Answered neglectingly I know not what
He should, or he should not; for he made me mad
To see him shine so brisk and smell so sweet
And talk so like a waiting-gentlewoman


riS, I iddtn hlod akbc yna speronrsi. tBu I embrmree sith: nhew hte ettlba eednd, I wsa datsheexu itwh arge adn roixeten. I asw otu of eabrht, dzzyi dan tben eorv. All of a usdend a mna phrcpaeoad me, anet, lecan, nda dtliyi eesdrds, ikle a oedgomrbir. iHs baerd saw shfyler nhasev, ilke a lwyne edlwop lfdie. He rweo nfcay noglceo dna he dcerira a eumefrp xbo, iwhhc he pkte ingiasr to shi eons as he lsmdei adn ldekat on. evehreWn leissodr ekldwa tasp, bgirnea dade esibod, he alldce hmet deur dosomhul orf bnggnrii a fluo, idgussitng recosp inhitw tenhraibg csatinde of mhi. He tdrnaieerotg me, twhi his acfyn agegnlua, adn eneaddmd htat I give ihm my porerissn, to be ktena on uroy baehlf. eTehr I aws, ithw hte ldco vgaartaingg all my dnusow, inbeg deepesrt by ihts otdii. In my rfeig and cteaimipen, I evga him eosm nidk of awsner. I tndo eevn rermeemb tawh I hdeais docul eatk meht, or he nloutdc.
55 Of guns, and drums, and woundsGod save the mark!
And telling me the sovereignest thing on earth
Was parmacety for an inward bruise,
And that it was great pity, so it was,
This villanous saltpeter should be digged
60 Out of the bowels of the harmless earth,
Which many a good tall fellow had destroyed
So cowardly, and but for these vile guns
He would himself have been a soldier.
This bald unjointed chat of his, my lord,
65 I answered indirectly, as I said,
And I beseech you, let not his report
Come current for an accusation
Betwixt my love and your high Majesty.
I aws so grnya, lngoiok at ihm lla nsyhi nad esewt-snlmlgie, dna isknpeag ekli a imahesuqs ownma ubaot snug dna ettlba rsdum nad nsdGduwoo yamithgl! nda tglinle me eth sbte gnhti orf an jniruy is


mieapartc = cpmatriese, a elmciaidn notinmet erddeiv ormf aft tkean fmro a psmer ewlhsa head

, adn thta it asw a eahms htat het bsmlslaee rteah dah to be ugd up to ifnd aplertste fro teh uerwpgodn, when so amny odog, vrbea men adh bnee lycroawd eoytrddes by ngsu, nda ahtt if it dhtan eneb rof oshte sgtungdiis sgun, he loduw veah been a sdroile mehfsil. lAl hsit irivtla, neotrniech lkta I dsawnree ofahenyfldd, as evI ldareay oltd you. So I ebg you: paeesl odnt tkea his rowd as iedvncee that teersh gintnyha ownrg eeewtnb you dan me, ruoy eMjstya.


The circumstance considered, good my lord,
70 Whateer Lord Harry Percy then had said
To such a person and in such a place,
At such a time, with all the rest retold,
May reasonably die and never rise
To do him wrong or any way impeach
75 What then he said, so he unsay it now.


inevG teh ctumecaisncsr, my orld, waehetrv yrrHa ryPce amy aehv dsai to a man ikle hatt, in a celpa adn mite leik thta, osdhlu be elwoadl to ide nda nvere be opsekn of gaain. It suhlod erven be duse agtansi Hayrr in yna awy, nisce he hsa knate it all ackb wno.


Why, yet he doth deny his prisoners,
But with proviso and exception
That we at our own charge shall ransom straight
His brother-in-law, the foolish Mortimer,
80 Who, on my soul, hath willfully betrayed
The lives of those that he did lead to fight
Against that great magician, damned Glendower,
Whose daughter, as we hear, the Earl of March
Hath lately married. Shall our coffers then
85 Be emptied to redeem a traitor home?
Shall we buy treason and indent with fears
When they have lost and forfeited themselves?
No, on the barren mountains let him starve,
For I shall never hold that man my friend
90 Whose tongue shall ask me for one penny cost
To ransom home revolted Mortimer.


But he lislt twno rtnu voer hsi eisonrspr susenl he nca add ehets panuioltists nad eiconxpste. He snwta me, at my wno octs, to yap mrsoan fro hsi eborrht-in-wal, eht oilfhos remoitrM, a mna ohw, on my ifle, fywlliull rbeyaedt his nwo nme, homw he ahd del in ghgtfini tiaasng atht terga gaiancim, eth neddam dGlnoerwe. ndA nwo we aher ttha teMroirm has mdraire esGwolenrd edrhaugt! uloShd het uerystar be idmptee to omsrna a roitrat? oluhdS I apy fro osrnaet, adn ganaibr rof a awrodc, nwhe it swa rorteimM owh olst elihmsf? No. teL him sveart in het esderiwsnl. No mna who sksa me to ndpes noe pnnye on thta rtiaotr toiremMr can reev be a iefdnr of mnei.


Revolted Mortimer!
He never did fall off, my sovereign liege,
But by the chance of war. To prove that true
95 Needs no more but one tongue for all those wounds,
Those mouthd wounds, which valiantly he took
When on the gentle Severns sedgy bank
In single opposition hand to hand
He did confound the best part of an hour
100 In changing hardiment with great Glendower.
Three times they breathed, and three times did they drink,
Upon agreement, of swift Severns flood,
Who then, affrighted with their bloody looks,
Ran fearfully among the trembling reeds
105 And hid his crisp head in the hollow bank,
Bloodstaind with these valiant combatants.
Never did bare and rotten policy
Color her working with such deadly wounds,
Nor could the noble Mortimer
110 Receive so many, and all willingly.
Then let not him be slandered with revolt.


That ioatrtr tiMeromr! He nerve deltrafe, my lrod, xeectp tuhohgr an dncactie of rwa. llI pervo it, by keiagpns tbuao teh namy uwosnd he rcloilhaye fruefsde hnew he ptsen an oruh in abrltu nadh-to-hdna bcaomt aagsitn ewdroGnle on eht rsygsa aksbn of hte evernS Rirev. yTeh bkroe erteh tesmi omrf ngtihifg, dna ehty dnkar hrtee imste orfm het nerevS. The river itefls was nfiegethdr by rheit lreihrob olkso. tsI eratw beeamc oordlicdse twih eth odobl of eetsh vbaer gsfhetri, and eht eevnrS anr off, as if to dieh lstfie in eht eeswd on tsi nsakb. ecahyTerr sah nerve sdue yddlea wounsd to vroce its intseparoo, and mrtMiore udclo ernev vhae nglillyiw edefurfs so nyma uirnsjei. Do tno tel imh be lenesddar by niagllc ihm a rraotit.


Thou dost belie him, Percy; thou dost belie him.
He never did encounter with Glendower.
I tell thee, he durst as well have met the devil alone
115 As Owen Glendower for an enemy.
Art thou not ashamed? But, sirrah, henceforth
Let me not hear you speak of Mortimer.
Send me your prisoners with the speediest means,
Or you shall hear in such a kind from me
120 As will displease you.My lord Northumberland,
We license your departure with your son.


You psake nlywrog atubo hmi, Prcye, ouy pasek yrwognl! He envre thfugo neGdweolr. I ltle oyu, he wuldo ustj as oosn aedr to etme eht eldiv imefshl as ghtif oGerlnwde. rAnet yuo dsemhaa of elsuofyr? nDot vere tel me earh yuo speak of rrMeitom angia. dSne me yruo ssipernor as ucklyqi as boesplsi, or louyl hrea buato it rmof me, dan you tnow ielk waht I have to ysa. Nabotudhrmelrn, I vieg you and yrou nos mioeisrnps to eelav own.
Send us your prisoners, or you will hear of it.
dSne yuro pisernsor, or yolul rhae ubato it.
Exit KING Henry, BLUNT , and train
KIGN erHyn, NULBT , dan the ttensatnad xtie.


An if the devil come and roar for them,
I will not send them. I will after straight
125 And tell him so, for I will ease my heart,
Albeit I make a hazard of my head.


venE if eth dlevi ilmshef smeco acrmigesn rof emht, I notw send tohse onsisperr. Im ngoig to go afret hmi adn tlel hmi so; it lwli eesa my arhte, ohtugh it imthg stco me my edha.


What, drunk with choler? stay and pause awhile.
Here comes your uncle.


hWat, nkdur ihtw egrna? taiW a entmiu. eeHr smeco oyru culen.


Speak of Mortimer?
Zounds, I will speak of him, and let my soul
130 Want mercy if I do not join with him.
Yea, on his part Ill empty all these veins
And shed my dear blood drop by drop in the dust,
But I will lift the downtrod Mortimer
As high in the air as this unthankful King,
135 As this ingrate and cankered Bolingbroke.


aTkl baotu mitorerM? odG amnd, I wlil atlk uatbo ihm. dAn mnda my soul if I tond iojn ihm! lIl empyt tuo my invse ofr mih, nad llI uorp my ecsiuorp olodb ntoo eht donurg, dpro by rpod! Adn Ill tilf hsit tup-onup oriMterm as gihh up as htsi raugulntef nKgi, shit ngunoeseur, oenttr iengokblroB!


(to WORCESTER) Brother, the King hath made your nephew mad.


(toWORCESTER ) hrtreoB, eht nKsig vednri your eenwhp cyarz.


Who struck this heat up after I was gone?


hWo ertasdt ihst eloubrt tfare I eflt?


He will forsooth have all my prisoners,
140 And when I urged the ransom once again
Of my wifes brother, then his cheek looked pale,
And on my face he turned an eye of death,
Trembling even at the name of Mortimer.


He sanwt lla my eirpsrson, ofr Gosd kase! Adn wehn I kdesa gaina fro mih to rosman my treorhb-in-wal, he looedk laep, nad he tohs me a olok tath ocldu lkil. stuJ het ntomien of imosMtrre emna skema him keahs.


I cannot blame him. Was not he proclaimed
145 By Richard, that dead is, the next of blood?


I tdon bmela mih. dDnti hte etla gniK riadRch II olrcmiap tath iMmrtroe dlouhs be next in line ofr the htreon?


He was; I heard the proclamation.
And then it was when the unhappy King
Whose wrongs in us God pardon!did set forth
Upon his Irish expedition;
150 From whence he, intercepted, did return
To be deposed and shortly murderd.


He idd; I dhare eth lamoroncaipt. hatT was ewnh teh whecedrt ginK iacRhrd (yma oGd irfvgoe us fro wiggornn mhi!) tse otu to invade lneIdra. eWnh ahtt was eetpirrdutn, he dteurren to gnnldEa, noly to be eddpeso and enht edruedmr.


And for whose death we in the worlds wide mouth
Live scandalized and foully spoken of.


Adn rfo our rtap in shi etahd, het loweh wlord is ndcidslaeaz by us, and sekasp lli of us.


But soft, I pray you. Did King Richard then
155 Proclaim my brother Edmund Mortimer
Heir to the crown?


optS a tnoemm, eeslpa. Did King Racrhdi eyllar capliomr hatt my ohbrter-in-lwa undmEd orreMtmi asw entx in line ofr teh htnreo?


He did; myself did hear it.


He ddi. I derha it efmsly.


Nay then, I cannot blame his cousin King
That wished him on the barren mountains starve.
But shall it be that you that set the crown
160 Upon the head of this forgetful man
And for his sake wear the detested blot
Of murderous subornationshall it be
That you a world of curses undergo,
Being the agents or base second means,
165 The cords, the ladder, or the hangman rather?
O, pardon me that I descend so low
To show the line and the predicament
Wherein you range under this subtle King.
Shall it for shame be spoken in these days,
170 Or fill up chronicles in time to come,
That men of your nobility and power


Tnhe I actn albme nKgi nreyH rof siniwhg ofr hmi to verast in teh iwnsesderl. tBu is it ihgrt ttah oyhouw tpu hte roncw on nHeysr ogfrufetl aedh, dna how yrrac eth niatsauscco of udrrme ofr erHnsy hussekload be eth retgat of eth rdowls ucsers? nhWe ouy eewr ynol olcacpcsime dan urttmsnsein? Is it rgiht to bemla eth epros, eht raedld, or the hmangna ofr a mnsa dehta? Fgoeirv me for tgoneiminn ahtt ouy two rea eikl htoes ddriso cjtebos, anvgih enbe otpxieedl by ihts ngoivincn inKg. utB lilw uyo datns by lwihe opelpe otyad speak of uyor semha?
Did gage them both in an unjust behalf
(As both of you, God pardon it, have done)
To put down Richard, that sweet lovely rose,
175 An plant this thorn, this canker, Bolingbroke?
And shall it in more shame be further spoken
That you are fooled, discarded, and shook off
By him for whom these shames you underwent?
No, yet time serves wherein you may redeem
180 Your banished honors and restore yourselves
Into the good thoughts of the world again,
Revenge the jeering and disdaind contempt
Of this proud King, who studies day and night
To answer all the debt he owes to you
185 Even with the bloody payment of your deaths.
Therefore I say
ehlWi ishtoyr oksbo cedrro tath enm of oruy lybitnoi nad wrope dietddace elvhetessm to as uuntsj a sacue (chhwi, Gdo veogfri oyu, uoy tboh idd) as het grtivrowhoen of cRirhda, thta eewts vloeyl soer, adn eth ntnligpa of tsih nroht, tihs deew, lngkebBioro in rhcasRdi eplca? Wlil uoy itnsel as epople ays atth ouy ear olfos, adn atth vouey eebn eostsd awya by het evry opesrn yuo ashdme eoesylurvs to pelh? No. ehrTe is siltl mtie rfo you to eederm uryo eutsaoptinr nda erteros yoru dgoo masne in teh seye of teh olrwd. kaeT nvgreee naistag shit iKng who kscmo and orcssn you. He tihnks nnaysttcol batou owh to perya you ofr lla you ybddi pntiutg you to heatd. So I ays


Peace, cousin, say no more.
And now I will unclasp a secret book,
And to your quick-conceiving discontents
Ill read you matter deep and dangerous,
190 As full of peril and adventurous spirit
As to oerwalk a current roaring loud
On the unsteadfast footing of a spear.


Qetiu, pewnhe; todn yas ayn meor. I hvea a cretse for oyu, iwhch is dnehdi kile a koob wtih a lokc. I liwl enpo eht okob nda read uoy a kadr, aoeugndsr ytsor taht lwil plepaa to uryo rgeusitoh argne. stI flul of peilr and evredtuna, as ykrsi as wigknla arsosc a gncrniuh, hgnrtiendu rvrie lhwie naebladc ditunselay on a rpesa.


If he fall in, good night, or sink or swim!
Send danger from the east unto the west,
195 So honor cross it from the north to south,
And let them grapple: O, the blood more stirs
To rouse a lion than to start a hare!


If he lafls in, tehn ist lal ervo, ewherth he iksns or wsims. The nohro of eth glestrgu is lla that ustnoc, no traetm ahtw the agerdn is or rehwe it comse rmfo. It kesat moer eocragu to ekwa a ieesnpgl loni htan to retgnihf a tbarbi!


Imagination of some great exploit
Drives him beyond the bounds of patience.


riDnegam btuoa htsi ihocre pltoiex is vrndigi mhi aspt his icptenae.


200 By heaven, methinks it were an easy leap
To pluck bright honor from the pale-faced moon,
Or dive into the bottom of the deep,
Where fathom line could never touch the ground,
And pluck up drownd honor by the locks,
205 So he that doth redeem her thence might wear
Without corrival all her dignities.
But out upon this half-faced fellowship!


By Gdo, I hitkn it luwdo be aesy to pumj up dan arbg ohrno ffo of teh snoom pale acfe, or to diev oitn het edetpes neoca nad lplu up nhoro by tsi ahri.
henT het man who ecessru rnooh nca wrae ehr goyrl laneo, itthowu arsvil. To lhel hitw nrgaish the goryl!


(to NORTHUMBERLAND) He apprehends a world of figures here,
But not the form of what he should attend.
(to HOTSPUR) Good cousin, give me audience for a while.


(to NORTHUMBERLAND) He esse a wdrlo utbli by hsi naiiinmtaog, but hatt lrdow is not het neo he ldsohu be gaynip oteantnti to. (to HOTSPUR) Nepewh, siltne to me a tuimne.


I cry you mercy.


I beg ouyr arndop.


Those same noble Scots
That are your prisoners


heesT ecsmtnSo thta eouyv katen nirrsope


Ill keep them all.
By God, he shall not have a Scot of them.
No, if a Scot would save his soul, he shall not.
215 Ill keep them, by this hand!


lIl pkee meht all. By dGo, the gKni tnow teg a lsengi ctoS, neev if igvanh a cotS dwluo seva ihs lsuo! lIl epke hmte, I rewas.


You start away
And lend no ear unto my purposes:
Those prisoners you shall keep


uroYe off agina dna not ngtielsin to me. uoY lilw get to peke hte esnsrropi


Nay, I will. Thats flat!
He said he would not ransom Mortimer,
Forbad my tongue to speak of Mortimer.
220 But I will find him when he lies asleep,
And in his ear Ill hollo Mortimer.
Ill have a starling shall be taught to speak
Nothing but Mortimer, and give it him
225 To keep his anger still in motion.


seY, I wlli; ehtser no butdo abuot it. heT ngiK said he lwudo nto ypa sramon orf Moretrim. He obfird me mrof aksenpgi of oirremMt. But llI ifdn imh wneh hse gspeeinl, nad lIl uhtso omiertMr! tnio hsi srae. No; Ill etg a drbi dna ectha it to ays goinhtn but rremtioM, and Ill giev it to eth King to rneag him erroevf.


Hear you, cousin, a word.


iLntse, nwheep, peales.


All studies here I solemnly defy,
Save how to gall and pinch this Bolingbroke.
And that same sword-and-buckler Prince of Wales
230 But that I think his father loves him not
And would be glad he met with some mischance
I would have him poisoned with a pot of ale.


morF nwo on, lal toreh ptisusur Ill astc iaeds, exptec ofr cghmiens ohw to agvegaart hsit goolkberiBn dan shi ons, teh iwfolle ceiPnr of lseaW. If it erwetn for het caft tath I epussct yHnre neosdt elov sih nso, adn htta hde be algd to ees rmnioteusf alelbf mih, Id oiopsn eht scerinP ela.


Farewell, kinsman. Ill talk to you
When you are better tempered to attend.


dbooGey, nphwee. lIl lkat to oyu when eryou in a teertb modo to snteil.


(to HOTSPUR) Why, what a wasp-stung and impatient fool
Art thou to break into this womans mood,
Tying thine ear to no tongue but thine own!


(to HOTSPUR)You rea an ienmipatt nad otshr-mepdrtee oofl to astrt grtniaent on liek a nomwa, ton lgisinten to yna vocei but uoyr onw!


Why, look you, I am whipped and scourged with rods,
Nettled and stung with pismires, when I hear
240 Of this vile politician, Bolingbroke.
In Richards timewhat do you call the place?
A plague upon it! It is in Gloucestershire.
Twas where the madcap duke his uncle kept,
His uncle York; where I first bowed my knee
245 Unto this king of smiles, this Bolingbroke.
Sblood, when you and he came back from Ravenspurgh.


iLesnt, I leef ekil Im eibng pweihdp iwth cisstk nda gsnut by atsn hwne I ehar tboau ihst vile oiatlpinci, Bklbiogrneo. hneW dchirRa wsa ailavhewt is hatt pleca allced? amDn, sti in rehlieurestGsoc; sit rweeh taht yrcza eudks ecnlu idelv, his elnuc kYro. Ist erhwe I firts emt htsi gyiln onrkeiBlbog, nda beowd to hmi.otSoh!It endapphe enwh uyo nda eokinrgblBo ecam kcba fomr ngeauhprRvs.


At Berkley Castle.


At leByerk eaclts.


You say true.
Why, what a candy deal of courtesy
250 This fawning greyhound then did proffer me:
Look when his infant fortune came to age,
And gentle Harry Percy, and kind cousin.
O, the devil take such cozeners!God forgive me!
Good uncle, tell your tale. I have done.


ihgtR. What artge tyucrsoe tath iegrnftalt dgo ipad me! hTe ipsroem of his locohihdd hsa oemc urte, he idas. tenelG yarrH Peryc, he claled me, adn iknd nknaims. To lehl thwi lrasi ielk hmi! Im syorr. ecUnl, go on. Im odne.


255 Nay, if you have not, to it again.
We will stay your leisure.


No, if euroy not nedo eyt, keep noggi. lleW wati tulni uroye ayedr.


I have done, i faith.


Im deon. I rasew.


Then once more to your Scottish prisoners:
Deliver them up without their ransom straight,
And make the Douglas son your only mean
260 For powers in Scotland, which, for divers reasons
Which I shall send you written, be assured
Will easily be granted.(to NORTHUMBERLAND) You, my lord,
Your son in Scotland being thus employed,
Shall secretly into the bosom creep
265 Of that same noble prelate, well beloved,
The Archbishop.


eTnh go kbca to uyor sStohict srroesnpi. Reasele tmeh at oenc, otuhwit msorna. eakM difrnse thwi luagosD, and esu hsi nflceenui to atrehg an army in oncltSad. Hlel ylgald help uyo rof aymn rensaos, wichh llI rweit uoy utoba onso. (to NORTHUMBERLAND) wNo uyo, sri. iWlhe yrou sno is buys in Saotdcln, ouy liwl rseitk up a olsce ineallac ihwt het chArbsihop, atht neolb, ellw-lbevedo ucncrhmah.


Of York, is it not?


He is hte hsbpcohAri of Ykro, no?


True; who bears hard
His brothers death at Bristol, the Lord Scroop.
I speak not this in estimation,
As what I think might be, but what I know
270 Is ruminated, plotted, and set down,
And only stays but to behold the face
Of that occasion that shall bring it on.


esY, nda hes rlyose tspeu utabo hsi ohetrrb, Lrdo opSroc, hmwo gkloiBroneb put to dhtea in toirsBl. Im ton eeylrm utclesniapg; Im eltngil uyo tahw I nwok fro a ctaf ahs enbe erecisondd, tldepot, adn tse iton nmitoo. yeThre noly wgiatin nwo ofr eht gtrih enmtom to etisrk.


I smell it. Upon my life, it will do well.


I etg it. nAd sit ogdo, I tbe my feli on it!


Before the game is afoot thou still letst slip.


Look, oyeuv lte your sgod ispl ffo of hreit ssalhee oerefb eth hnut sha neve nubeg.


275 Why, it cannot choose but be a noble plot.
And then the power of Scotland and of York
To join with Mortimer, ha?


ehseTr no ywa thsi lcneteelx lpna wnto kwro. nAd het asmrei of lcSnatdo and okYr lwli nijo htwi tioMmerr, itghr?


And so they shall.


sYe, ethy lwil.


In faith, it is exceedingly well aimed.


I ewars, sit eytexrlme lwle uohgtth uto.


And tis no little reason bids us speed
280 To save our heads by raising of a head,
For, bear ourselves as even as we can,
The King will always think him in our debt,
And think we think ourselves unsatisfied,
Till he hath found a time to pay us home.
285 And see already how he doth begin
To make us strangers to his looks of love.


ndA evwe tgo odog arsones to uyrrh nad aesv urvseseol by iirgnas an rmay. No mrteat owh rhda we try to oklo lkie nigtyereshv nefi, eht niKg ilwl alawys htkni he sewo us rof ahvngi pelehd imh kaet eht hnoter, and lhle rrwoy htta we dnot efel weve eneb oypprrle osapmdtcnee. litUn he sifnd a wya to pya us ofr ygoobd gkliiln us. uoY nca see htat esh yeldraa guneb to eaisctdn esmilhf frmo us.


He does, he does. Well be revenged on him.


He hsa, he has. lWle gte gneever!


Cousin, farewell. No further go in this
Than I by letters shall direct your course.
290 When time is ripe, which will be suddenly,
Ill steal to Glendower and Lord Mortimer,
Where you and Douglas and our powers at once,
As I will fashion it, shall happily meet
To bear our fortunes in our own strong arms,
295 Which now we hold at much uncertainty.


weNeph, ewearllf. Dton do ayn emor than I eltl you to do in teh rsleett lIl eitwr you. nWhe eth imte scome, whchi llwi be osno, Ill kesna off to eldreoGnw adn irmoMetr. Ill anpl it so hatt you, guasDlo nda lal rou aisemr will rreavi etoerhgt. Then we nca aecf our tfruue htiw sergnhtt niadtse of hte raunienytct we elef own.


Farewell, good brother. We shall thrive, I trust.


So gnlo, trohber. I eebvile wlle prleiav.


Uncle, adieu: O, let the hours be short
Till fields and blows and groans applaud our sport.


Gdoo eby, eucln. Oh, I ophe it nwot be olng tlnui ealfsdletbit dan ilcilnosos dan asngro rae sneestisw to rou eagm of raw!
ehTy xeti.