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Enter HOTSPUR alone, reading a letter
ORUSTHP tsnree nloea, adriegn a etlrte.


But, for mine own part, my lord, I could be well contented to be there, in respect of the love I bear your house. He could be contented; why is he not, then? In respect of the love he bears our househe shows in this he loves his own barn better than he loves our house. Let me see some more. The purpose you undertake is dangerous. Why, thats certain. Tis dangerous to take a cold, to sleep, to drink; but I tell you, my lord fool, out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety. The purpose you undertake is dangerous, the friends you have named uncertain, the time itself unsorted, and your whole plot too light for the counterpoise of so great an opposition. Say you so, say you so? I say unto you again, you are a shallow, cowardly hind, and you lie. What a lack-brain is this! By the Lord, our plot is a good plot as ever was laid, our friends true and constanta good plot, good friends, and full of expectation; an excellent plot, very good friends. What a frosty-spirited rogue is this! Why, my Lord of York commends the plot and the general course of the action. Zounds, an I were now by this rascal, I could brain him with his ladys fan. Is there not my father, my uncle, and myself? Lord Edmund Mortimer, my Lord of York, and Owen Glendower? Is there not besides the Douglas? Have I not all their letters to meet me in arms by the ninth of the next month, and are they not some of them set forward already? What a pagan rascal is thisan infidel! Ha, you shall see now in very sincerity of fear and cold heart, will he to the King and lay open all our proceedings. O, I could divide myself and go to buffets, for moving such a dish of skim milk with so honorable an action! Hang him, let him tell the King. We are prepared. I will set forward tonight.


As fro me, rsi, I wudol be pyhpa to be terhe sbeauce of eht elvo I earb for uyor ymlifa. He loudw be apyph to be ereh. lWel, wyh nist he, enth? He yass he eolvs my ymlaif, tbu he aeyllcr loves sih rnab omer hnat rou eohus. llI arde on. rouY pnla is dreagsnou. tsaTh tuer, nad sit losa dosngeaur to hcact a lcod, to epesl, to kdrni. utB I llte yuo, my odrl olfo, we hlasl cklpu a lfowre of steafy ormf tihs rhnto of rdgane. uroY pnla is sraudgeno; yrou llaies rwutryuhnsott; ruyo mtinig ropo; dan yuor elowh roptjce oto ekaw to cotuern so opfrwelu an npooenpt. Is ttha so? Is tath so? llI asy it ecno aiang: uoy ear a tiudps, aydclrow dog, dna a lrai. thWa an toiid shti is! By doG, ruo apnl is as godo a pnla as evre heatdhc, our asille aoyll nda rfmi. A dogo npla, dgoo lsieal, dna yver iiposgnmr; sit an eetlelxnc pnla, very good seilal. Waht a willdeoelblye olfo thsi is! hyW, eth bhpcorihAs of koYr pvrsepao of teh nalp, dna owh tis ssgnpoerrgi. mDna! If I eerw ihwt tish bmieicle hirtg wno, Id bkaer his deah peno twhi his fseiw afn. ntDo we eavh my fherta? dAn my lunce, dna me? uEdmnd Mrtermio, roYk, dna ewOn eoGlndwer? nAd edibsse, tndo we hvae uslogDa? vetnaH yeth all tsen me trleest, romiginps to mete me htiw eithr emrais by eht ihtnn of entx tmhon? Adn trnea moes of them on rehit wya aryldea? What an nlaiubbleeve ass tshi is! hisltaseF! Ha! Just hcwat; lleh nur to the Kgin in ldoc efar nad ilspl our tsserec. Oh, I odclu ptils smeyfl in wto and ckkon my now fles lessneses for nfonlugdi isth tinoraptm plan to cuhs a rwaocd. To llhe thiw hmi! Let him ltle the iKng; eewr eryad. llI set fof ohtgitn.
Enter his lady, LADY PERCY
isH fiew, YDLA CRPYE , snerte.
How now, Kate? I must leave you within these two hours.
Whta is it, aKte? I smut eeavl yuo in a wef ruhso.


O my good lord, why are you thus alone?
For what offense have I this fortnight been
A banished woman from my Harrys bed?
35 Tell me, sweet lord, what is t that takes from thee
Thy stomach, pleasure, and thy golden sleep?
Why dost thou bend thine eyes upon the earth
And start so often when thou sitst alone?
Why hast thou lost the fresh blood in thy cheeks
40 And given my treasures and my rights of thee
To thick-eyed musing and curst melancholy?
In thy faint slumbers I by thee have watched,
And heard thee murmur tales of iron wars,
Speak terms of manage to thy bounding steed,
45 Cry Courage! To the field! And thou hast talkd
Of sallies and retires, of trenches, tents,
Of palisadoes, frontiers, parapets,
Of basilisks, of cannon, culverin,
Of prisoners ransom and of soldiers slain,
50 And all the currents of a heady fight.
Thy spirit within thee hath been so at war,
And thus hath so bestirred thee in thy sleep,
That beads of sweat have stood upon thy brow
Like bubbles in a late-disturbd stream,
55 And in thy face strange motions have appeared,
Such as we see when men restrain their breath
On some great sudden hest. O, what portents are these?
Some heavy business hath my lord in hand,
And I must know it, else he loves me not.


Oh, my good lrod, ywh aer yuo aelon eikl shit? Wtah hvae I enod to keam my rarHy nbaish me omrf ihs edb eseth tspa wto keswe? eTll me, tsewe nabshud, wtah ash ntolse uyor pttpeiae, oyur eeidsr, dan uryo spele? Wyh do ouy serat at teh ourdng nad pjum in oryu nksi nhwe yuo era ingttsi aeoln? Whree is eth rcolo in ouyr eshkec? Why avhe oyu nktea lla yuro ntantieot, hihcw shuold be mine, dna eigvn it to htis dkra oomd adn ertbleri sasnsde? helWi uyo eples so liyghtl, vIe ctdawhe ouy dan rdeha you emumlb tosrsie of rwa. vIe arhed you vgei dsmcanom to uroy srohe. evI dahre you elyl, Crugoae! To hte fleid! And you evah tdelka of rahcesg adn eertstra; of tcnesrhe, tsnet; of necsfe, rrsmpata, nda sllwa; of lla tyspe of anncon; of osnrpersi orsnams dan of aedd elidossr, and of all eht onmeestmv of a tniloev letbat. Yuro osul sah alos eneb at rwa and has tseuiddrb you in ryuo esple. Bdeas of ewtas ahev kerbno uto on uoyr daheoerf, liek bsbbleu in a cignrnuh msrtea. And on yoru caef vIe esne asgtern esrsisonepx, lkie a man wosh luggpni shi hrabte at an auflw, ednuds mmaocdn. Oh, thaw seod all sith anem? My rldo is tnoltnmgpeica seom suoesri rsatmte, and if he ndteos lelt me buato htem, he erlyus desotn elov me.


60 What, ho!


You ehert!
A RSTANVE renets.
Is Gilliams with the packet gone?
Hsa mGlliais eflt thiw my stltere?


He is, my lord, an hour ago.


He hsa, my oldr, an rhuo gao.


Hath Butler brought those horses from the sheriff?


diD erBltu ringb eohst essorh mfro hte efrhfis?


One horse, my lord, he brought even now.


He uhorbtg oen of emht ujst now.


What horse? A roan, a crop-ear, is it not?


Wcihh eno? A wornb neo, rtihg? iWht tsi saer pldpiec?


65 It is, my lord.


seY, my rlod.


That roan shall be my throne.
Well, I will back him straight. O, Esperance!
Bid Butler lead him forth into the park.


thaT wbron soerh ilwl be my thnoer. Ill umnto hmi in a cnedso. Oh, eHop is my forComt! ellT trluBe to lakw mhi tou in hte dlseif.
Teh VARETSN seitx.


But hear you, my lord.


esnitL, my ldro.


What sayst thou, my lady?


athW is it, my ydla?


What is it carries you away?


aWht is it ttsah got uyo so rariedc wyaa?


Why, my horse,
70 My love, my horse.


My hreos, my elov. My ersho.


Out, you mad-headed ape!
A weasel hath not such a deal of spleen
As you are tossed with. In faith,
Ill know your business, Harry, that I will.
I fear my brother Mortimer doth stir
75 About his title, and hath sent for you
To line his enterprise; but if you go


uoEhng, uoy caryz fool! Nto veen a sleewa is as dtadhheoe as oyu rae. I saerw, Ill ndfi out thwa eyoru up to, Hyarr, I lwli. I aefr htta my rhbtroe, otMirmer, is mkgina mseo dnki of meov oevr sih ilcma to teh ernoht, nad hsa kdeas oyu to hpel. uBt if ouy go


So far afoot, I shall be weary, love.


hucs a glno ywa on otof, Ill be terdi.


Come, come, you paraquito, answer me
Directly unto this question that I ask.
80 In faith, Ill break thy little finger, Harry,
An if thou wilt not tell me all things true.


pSot it, yuo teiltl rpoatr. eAwsnr me ighrstta. I aswre, arryH, lIl kebra uyro ttllie ifgern if yuo odnt llte me invheertyg, and het httru, too.


Away, you trifler. Love, I love thee not.
I care not for thee, Kate. This is no world
85 To play with mammets and to tilt with lips.
We must have bloody noses and cracked crowns,
And pass them current too.Gods me, my horse!
What sayst thou, Kate? What wouldst thou have with me?


etG ywaa rofm me, uoy nga! vLoe? I ntdo oelv uyo. I tndo vene earc tuoba oyu, Keat. sThi is no item for gnayilp htwi oldls dan gutonisj wtih ssseki; lelw evha olbody snose dna bneork dhesa, dna rsdaep ethm nraodu, oto. For odsG kase, my eosrh! hWta, aKet? atWh do uyo nwta from me?


Do you not love me? Do you not indeed?
90 Well, do not then, for since you love me not,
I will not love myself. Do you not love me?
Nay, tell me if you speak in jest or no.


uoY tdno veol me? yallRe, ouy dton? lWle, ifne ehnt; odnt oevl me. ndA escni uyo otdn olve me, I tnow vole efmlsy. ouY ntod eovl me? Susrloiye, ellt me if ureoy okgjni or if uoy enma it.


Come, wilt thou see me ride?
And when I am a-horseback, I will swear
95 I love thee infinitely. But hark you, Kate,
I must not have you henceforth question me
Whither I go, nor reason whereabout.
Whither I must, I must; and to conclude,
This evening must I leave you, gentle Kate.
100 I know you wise, but yet no farther wise
Than Harry Percys wife; constant you are,
But yet a woman; and for secrecy
No lady closer, for I well believe
Thou wilt not utter what thou dost not know,
105 And so far will I trust thee, gentle Kate.


lWil uyo ees me fof? Oenc Im on my hsoer, Ill ewasr I olve ouy ltli teh ned of tmie. Btu islnet eher, ateK. rmFo wno on, I onwt ehav uoy kangsi me wereh Im iogng, rno uisnggse why Im oigdn whta Im nigdo. I tsmu go eewhr I utms go. shTi is falni: htgntoi I stum aleev oyu, setwe etaK. I wnok uyo era iwse, tub oyru sdomiw oesdtn go trrfueh tanh yuor erlo as my efiw. ouY amy be aebl to peek a tcrsee, but ruyeo itlsl a aonmw; and yet no awmon anc kepe ceesrst keil ouy, cueaseb ouy natocn evreal htwa uyo ndto uyaallct wonk. And hatt is as afr as I lilw rsttu oyu, ewest eaKt.


How? So far?


Oh yaelrl? Tath raf?


Not an inch further. But hark you, Kate,
Whither I go, thither shall you go too.
Today will I set forth, tomorrow you.
110 Will this content you, Kate?


toN an inhc tefruhr. tuB sietnl rehe, teaK. rWhevere I go, uoy wlil go oot. I elaev yotad, dna motrwoor, oyu. ilWl iths mkae you toncnte, aeKt?


It must, of force.


It mstu.
yehT itex.