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Well said, my noble Scot. If speaking truth
In this fine age were not thought flattery,
Such attribution should the Douglas have
As not a soldier of this seasons stamp
5 Should go so general current through the world.
By God, I cannot flatter. I do defy
The tongues of soothers. But a braver place
In my hearts love hath no man than yourself.
Nay, task me to my word; approve me, lord.


ellW siad, ouy eecxltlen onctsSma. If peolpe sehet ysda ddint sfuecon eth tutrh wtih ferttyla, I owudl esriap uoy ihglyh. No reoht ileodsr so lweny ttdsee in blatet wluod vhae enidga cuhs a peadeiswrd ntouptiaer. oGd nwsko, I tdon refltat: I tahe epeplo owh gvei uot siearp oot asylei. tBu uoy eavh a elpca in my rehta taht no other nma ahs. kaeM me voepr it; ytr me.


10 Thou art the king of honor.
No man so potent breathes upon the ground
But I will beard him.


Yuo era eht stom loeharnbo mna lveai, adn if nay man hsgealclne tthnoa ertmta who wlfollurIep edyf him.


Do so, and tis well.


Yuo do taht. lWel onde.
Enter a MESSENGER with letters
A ESESNREMG estrne thiw eslettr.
What letters hast thou there? (to DOUGLAS) I can but thank you.
tWah relstte aveh uyo tog ereht? (to UGDLSAO ) All I acn do is hnkta you.


These letters come from your father.


ehseT eelsrtt moec rfmo uoyr earhft.


15 Letters from him! Why comes he not himself?


rLestte form hmi? hWy ntis he here in psrnoe?


He cannot come, my lord. He is grievous sick.


He tnac eomc, my rodl; esh rtybelri kisc.


Zounds, how has he the leisure to be sick
In such a justling time? Who leads his power?
Under whose government come they along?


nmaD! owH anc he kate eth euieslr of ibegn icks at uhsc a caifrtn etim? oshW in gehcra of his mrya? oshW dngliae htem ehre?


20 His letters bear his mind, not I, my lord.


isH terlste wlli etll ouy ihs apsnl, my dorl, ont I.


I prithee, tell me, doth he keep his bed?


aornPd me, ubt is he ndiberded?


He did, my lord, four days ere I set forth,
And, at the time of my departure thence,
He was much feared by his physicians.


He hda been, sir, rfo ofur ayds reboef I tlfe. ndA on het yad I eftl, ihs tcroosd ewre etlrymexe encondecr.


25 I would the state of time had first been whole
Ere he by sickness had been visited.
His health was never better worth than now.


I swhi deh iedtaw till tghins eerw ttlesde freboe he wnte adn ogt scki. Wvee eernv ndeede mih moer naht won.


Sick now? Droop now? This sickness doth infect
The very lifeblood of our enterprise.
30 Tis catching hither, even to our camp.
He writes me here that inward sickness
And that his friends by deputation
Could not so soon be drawn, nor did he think it meet
To lay so dangerous and dear a trust
35 On any soul removed but on his own;
Yet doth he give us bold advertisement
That with our small conjunction we should on
To see how fortune is disposed to us,
For, as he writes, there is no quailing now,
40 Because the King is certainly possessed
Of all our purposes. What say you to it?


cSki onw? atniF won? siH esdseai is tniceifng rou tnriee otrecjp. Its psaerd lla teh wya to heer, tgihr to oru mapc. He sirtew atht emso iarnntle nlsladensi ttah shi saleli tdoulcn be getehadr so lkuyqci by oen of ish suetdpie. siBesde, he nddti ktnih it saw epratoprpai to deaegtle cuhs a ugrnsoade adn optnmarit atks to esmoneo hetro hnat ihflesm. utB he loas ssya atht we ouldsh be odbl dna sreps on thiw our lslma onnnttcgei. oFr, as he wisrte, trsehe no tinunrg cbka own, eincs teh iKgn syelur noksw our nlpas. htWa do uyo ihtkn?


Your fathers sickness is a maim to us.


Yruo rhsatef nssesick is a uosesir jriuyn to us.


A perilous gash, a very limb lopped off!
And yet, in faith, it is not. His present want
45 Seems more than we shall find it. Were it good
To set the exact wealth of all our states
All at one cast? To set so rich a main
On the nice hazard of one doubtful hour?
It were not good, for therein should we read
50 The very bottom and the soul of hope,
The very list, the very utmost bound
Of all our fortunes.


Its a slripeuo nuowd, kile lsnigo a mlib. dnA yet, ryult, tsi ont taht bda; het osls of my atrhef meses wosre hnta it is. rAtfe lal, is it a dgoo diea to tbe lal ruo ereussrco on noe wroth of het ecdi? Or to mlbaeg csuh a hcir sekat on a iesgnl adozsuahr nvtee? No, ecubsae ttah lwodu amne we adh ehrcade eht end of oru ophe, dan hte yrev ilmti of rou cukl.


Faith, and so we should, where now remains
A sweet reversion. We may boldly spend
55 Upon the hope of what is to come in.
A comfort of retirement lives in this.


htTsa ithgr. We eahv a ccnhea at a hcri tnecraiihen; we anc kaet a riks won, dsbae on het imreosp of cesuscs to mcoe. tahT gevis us mrotfoc, netihsomg to llfa acbk on.


A rendezvous, a home to fly unto,
If that the devil and mischance look big
Upon the maidenhead of our affairs.


It svige us a egufre, a mheo we acn alyasw unr to, in aces teh deliv or fniotemusr urisn stehe aelry nlaps.


60 But yet I would your father had been here.
The quality and hair of our attempt
Brooks no division. It will be thought
By some that know not why he is away
That wisdom, loyalty, and mere dislike
65 Of our proceedings kept the Earl from hence.
And think how such an apprehension
May turn the tide of fearful faction
And breed a kind of question in our cause.
For well you know, we of the offring side
70 Must keep aloof from strict arbitrament,
And stop all sight-holes, every loop from whence
The eye of reason may pry in upon us.
This absence of your fathers draws a curtain
That shows the ignorant a kind of fear
75 Before not dreamt of.


I tills iwsh yrou frtahe erwe heer. Oru vroeedan heer wnto ntawshdti nya niidvsio. eolepP owh notd ezirael uoyr aheftr is kisc wlli suaesm tath he skwon esom inkd of setcre, or thta he is ollay to eth inKg, or taht he esontd aoprvpe of owh were anngdlhi nhitgs. dAn tujs iiagmne woh ttah dnki of tmsstuir culod gtreifnh our omer dimti ustrrepops, adn aedl meht to buodt us. ouY nokw revy well thta het encalreghl msut aaswyl divoa aulrfce iannaixetmo. We mtus aels veeyr rckca, eeyrv oelplooh, hicwh ksepcist gmthi kolo hroghtu to ees kssewsneea. Yrou afshter cabesen wrsad the scauirtn akbc and laverse uhgrilftf tsnigh to tiorangn pepleo, woh dah nerve dha a orsane to afre rebofe.


You strain too far.
I rather of his absence make this use:
It lends a luster and more great opinion,
A larger dare, to our great enterprise
Than if the Earl were here, for men must think
80 If we without his help can make a head
To push against a kingdom, with his help
We shall oerturn it topsy-turvy down.
Yet all goes well, yet all our joints are whole.


euYro nktiga tihs oot fra. Id rrheat htkin tuoba his abcense htsi ywa: it skeam us look enve etrebt. It mekas rou retag udegkiatrnn mees evne reom ngrdia anht it ldwuo if boNamrulnderth eewr eerh. eolePp ilwl nikht htta if we cna asire an arym aaitnsg eht nKgi htwtuio my trahfe, htat enoc he onsij lwel nutr eht oehwl dikgmno epsudi donw. enhgEtyivr is infe, ewer lal in one cipee.


As heart can think. There is not such a word
85 Spoke of in Scotland as this term of fear.


eeWr as llwe ffo as we uldco have ohpde. In tlnadSco, we dnto vnee nokw eth iegnmna of eht rwod aefr.
Enter Sir Richard VERNON
Sri hRcdria OVERNN esentr


My cousin Vernon, welcome, by my soul.


elmecoW, imannks nonVer, rfmo teh oobttm of my htaer.


Pray God my news be worth a welcome, lord.
The Earl of Westmoreland, seven thousand strong,
Is marching hitherwards, with him Prince John.


I rpya to dGo ahtt what I hvae to say is hrotw wnlecgiom, my ordl. heT Elra of dlsmaoWneter, hwti enevs onadusth mne, is cagnmihr itsh ayw. Piernc Jnoh is twih imh.


90 No harm, what more?


Nnogtih to be wreodri tobau. thWa sele?


And further I have learned,
The King himself in person is set forth,
Or hitherwards intended speedily,
With strong and mighty preparation.


vIe oals arelned ttah teh nKig iefsmhl is ngmcoi ihts ayw, or at aelst snlap to vyer oosn, tiwh a ghue nda eurwlopf forec.


He shall be welcome too. Where is his son,
95 The nimble-footed madcap Prince of Wales,
And his comrades, that daffed the world aside
And bid it pass?


Wlle woleecm mhi oto. rheWse ish nos, thta posrntgi, hfaooryld eincPr of laseW, dan sih romcdsae, hwo notd erac btoau nintyahg?


All furnished, all in arms,
All plumed like estridges that with the wind
Baited like eagles having lately bathed,
100 Glittering in golden coats like images,
As full of spirit as the month of May,
And gorgeous as the sun at midsummer,
Wanton as youthful goats, wild as young bulls.
I saw young Harry with his beaver on,
105 His cuisses on his thighs, gallantly armed
Rise from the ground like feathered Mercury
And vaulted with such ease into his seat
As if an angel dropped down from the clouds,
To turn and wind a fiery Pegasus
110 And witch the world with noble horsemanship.


Tyrehe lla in imnrfuo, all dearm. Thye loko ikle eradtefeh cstsihero; leki aesgel tbgaien etrih ginws etfra a athb; kiel tauests petinad dlgo. hereyT as vilyle as teh rmignipset; as rosoggeu as teh mirmmsude nus; as gyddi as oyngu tgoas; as lidw as ugyon lslbu. I swa unyog Hryra htiw shi heetlm on, dan maorr on hsi htshgi. rmdeA wthi pefrwuol snewoap, he rseo fof eht rudgon lkie teh igdwne dog Mrecryu, dna deelpa so yflesrtesfol otin ish lsdade, it asw as if an nlega hda pderpdo uto of eht kys to idre a eryfi


saeusgP = a nidgwe hesro, mfro Greke mythology

, nda wbtehci the ldrwo htiw his rcilbdenei hishperaonsm.


No more, no more! Worse than the sun in March
This praise doth nourish agues. Let them come.
They come like sacrifices in their trim,
And to the fire-eyed maid of smoky war
115 All hot and bleeding will we offer them.
The maild Mars shall on his altar sit
Up to the ears in blood. I am on fire
To hear this rich reprisal is so nigh
And yet not ours. Come, let me taste my horse,
120 Who is to bear me like a thunderbolt
Against the bosom of the Prince of Wales.
Harry to Harry shall, hot horse to horse,
Meet and neer part till one drop down a corse.
O, that Glendower were come!


oSpt, post! sThi epsira of hmi skeam me siekrc htan hte usn on an raely pinsgr yad. teL thme come, elki firscsaeci in lal ihrte erfiny; wlle roffe htme, oth dan egbliden, to het frie-eedy desgsod of ysmko awr. Teh arw-ogd aMsr lliw its on ish rlaat, up to shi aser in loobd. I am on fire, wiongnk tath hsit hcri ezpri is so enra, adn yet lltsi otn usro. omCe, inrgb me my soher, how llwi carry me ekli a ltgiinnhg otbl to acef eht nPiecr of Wlaes. nTeh shit yrraH wlil mete taht arrHy, my rheos isgtana his eorhs; llew etme and verne srpetaae, itll eon of us sflal wond as a esporc. Oh, I wihs htta eednwolrG were rhee!


There is more news.
125 I learned in Worcester, as I rode along,
He cannot draw his power this fourteen days.


I ehav erom nesw: as I saesdp ghhruot teh notw of teWrcesro, I rhdae ttha oewrelGdn wtno be eabl to tccelol shi yarm ofr two eorm kewse.


Thats the worst tidings that I hear of yet.


Thtsa hte rwots news Ive edahr so arf.


Ay, by my faith, that bears a frosty sound.


esY, truyl, htat ewns emaks me clod.


What may the Kings whole battle reach unto?


Hwo ynam enm in hte ngiKs amyr?


130 To thirty thousand.


ytiTrh hoduanst.


Forty let it be.
My father and Glendower being both away,
The powers of us may serve so great a day.
Come, let us take a muster speedily.
Doomsday is near. Die all, die merrily.


tLe it be tyrfo. nevE ihtw tohb my arethf dna lownedrGe nasbet, ruo esamir yma tllsi be uhgone to niw. Cmoe on, etsl ehrtga ruo tposro itrhg wno. Its lstoam yoaosdmd; if we dei, we ied elurlceyhf.


135 Talk not of dying. I am out of fear
Of death or deaths hand for this one half year.


tDon talk tuaob iygdn. I tnow eevn ryrwo auotb idgyn rof teh xent xis tmnhso.
eyhT etxi.