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Well fight with him tonight.


lleW igtfh mih hntogit.


It may not be.


We atnc do htat.


You give him then advantage.


hneT eyrou ngvgii imh eth egdaaavnt.


Not a whit.


Not in het estal.


Why say you so? Looks he not for supply?


hWy do oyu ays atth? oesDtn he eahv kpubac oncmgi?


So do we.


So do we.


5 His is certain; ours is doubtful.


Hsi is unegradtae. usOr isnt.


Good cousin, be advised. Stir not tonight.


peewNh, Im llgenit ouy. Dnot tsatr eht nhitifgg hgttino.


(to HOTSPUR ) Do not, my lord.


(to PRSUTHO ) Dotn, my lrod.


You do not counsel well.
You speak it out of fear and cold heart.


uroYe vinggi oopr vdceia, edbas on rafe nad icdeowarc.


Do me no slander, Douglas. By my life
10 (And I dare well maintain it with my life),
If well-respected honor bid me on,
I hold as little counsel with weak fear
As you, my lord, or any Scot that this day lives.
Let it be seen tomorrow in the battle
15 Which of us fears.


Dnto alnedsr me, ogaDlsu. I srwae on my aidflen lIl revop it hwit my iaehfltt if Im eoudrs to igtfh ohrhtgu hugohtluft, rceufal drniiocotasen, Im juts as afirunda as uyo, my rold, or ayn cstnmSoa eavli. In smrorwtoo ltabet, lwle ees hihwc one of us is rdiaaf.


Yea, or tonight.


Fnie. Or othgnit.




aTsth hneogu.


Tonight, say I.


tTiohng, I yas.


Come, come it nay not be. I wonder much,
Being men of such great leading as you are,
20 That you foresee not what impediments
Drag back our expedition. Certain horse
Of my cousin Vernons are not yet come up.
Your Uncle Worcesters horse came but today,
And now their pride and mettle is asleep,
25 Their courage with hard labor tame and dull,
That not a horse is half the half of himself.


oemC on, we tanc do ttha. I rnoedw ewongbhi teh tegra edaeslr yuo uareyo nnotca ees hte polrmbes rwee fnicag. My cnuois sah yet to iarrev thwi ish rohsse, nad uyor cUlen creeortssW sroopt ylno vaerrdi dtyoa. rhieT rpsiti adn heitr ryarbve is elaspe; htier goearcu is lddlue nad tdmae by het rdah ojunrye. eTyh dtno vhea even a tueqarr of eriht alsuu tnetrhgs.


So are the horses of the enemy
In general journey-bated and brought low.
The better part of ours are full of rest.


eTh nmyees esoshr rea etird romf teh yorjneu as wlle. hTe yamrjiot of srou era ellw-edtesr.


30 The number of the King exceedeth ours.
For Gods sake, cousin, stay till all come in.


utB the ginK ash mero nem tneh we do. For Gosd eska, pehwen, twia tlinu eyvnoeer arsveir.
The trumpet sounds a parley
A trmtpue nnsuancoe eth prpaocha of an voney.
LUBTN streen.


I come with gracious offers from the King,
If you vouchsafe me hearing and respect.


Im here wthi a snoregue oefrf rofm eth inKg, if lylou sitlne to me and rtate me htwi seprect.


Welcome, Sir Walter Blunt, and would to God
35 You were of our determination.
Some of us love you well, and even those some
Envy your great deservings and good name
Because you are not of our quality
But stand against us like an enemy.


meWleco, Sir lWrate tBlnu. I sihw to God oyu ewer on rou ides. aMyn of us knhti yver lihgyh of uoy, ghutho we grbgueed oyu uyor oornh and tptainorue, nseic you hfgti on teh yemsne sied.


40 And God defend but still I should stand so,
So long as out of limit and true rule
You stand against anointed majesty.
But to my charge. The king hath sent to know
The nature of your griefs, and whereupon
45 You conjure from the breast of civil peace
Such bold hostility, teaching his duteous land
Audacious cruelty. If that the king
Have any way your good deserts forgot,
Which he confesseth to be manifold,
50 He bids you name your griefs, and with all speed
You shall have your desires with interest
And pardon absolute for yourself and these
Herein misled by your suggestion.


dnA I ehpo to oGd I wsaayl lwli, so nlog as uoy pvrtesoe het bsduno of ieaeagllcn adn tydu by nngdsati astniga eht idnotnea ginK. uBt tel me get to eht nptio. The gnKi setn me to arlen ruoy anstipcmol, dna to nifd uto ywh yuo rea irrignts up wrafrea in a eitm of epcae, nad raisnegdp inlovet sidsetn hrohtoguut ihs aolyl cuntyor. If the King ash smoewoh lrkdoeoevo noe of uory eegisdrvn hihtwscac, he msaitd, trhee ear mehnay sask yuo to mnae ouyr cstimnlapo. llHe mete ruyo ddsnema, ihtw rnteeits, as lyiuqkc as bsopisle, dna rtgan an esoalbtu pdoanr to you nad rvneoeye hwo has ldeofowl rouy nmtseiak alde.


The king is kind, and well we know the king
55 Knows at what time to promise, when to pay.
My father and my uncle and myself
Did give him that same royalty he wears,
And when he was not six-and-twenty strong,
Sick in the worlds regard, wretched and low,
60 A poor unminded outlaw sneaking home,
My father gave him welcome to the shore;
And when he heard him swear and vow to God
He came but to be Duke of Lancaster,
To sue his livery, and beg his peace,
65 With tears of innocency and terms of zeal,
My father, in kind heart and pity moved,
Swore him assistance and performed it too.
Now when the lords and barons of the realm
Perceived Northumberland did lean to him,
70 The more and less came in with cap and knee,
Met him in boroughs, cities, villages,
Attended him on bridges, stood in lanes,
Laid gifts before him, proffered him their oaths,
Gave him their heirs as pages, followed him
75 Even at the heels in golden multitudes.
He presently, as greatness knows itself,
Steps me a little higher than his vow
Made to my father while his blood was poor
Upon the naked shore at Ravenspurgh,
80 And now forsooth takes on him to reform
Some certain edicts and some strait decrees
That lie too heavy on the commonwealth,
Cries out upon abuses, seems to weep
Over his countrys wrongs, and by this face,
85 This seeming brow of justice, did he win
The hearts of all that he did angle for,
Proceeded furthercut me off the heads
Of all the favourites that the absent King
In deputation left behind him here
90 When he was personal in the Irish war.


ahtTs dink of eth gniK. We okwn lla oot wlle ubota eht psimesro hte ngKi meaks, adn het wyas he pseke ihs rowd. My ahetfr, my euncl, nad I tup thta cnwro on hsi deah. dnA ewnh he adh yabler teywtn-ixs nem ipugrponst mhi, ewnh no oen cedra uotba ihm, enwh he asw herwcedt nad wlo, a orop, esarnfok crlinmia ingtyr to nsake oehm, my atfhre dowemlce mih. hnWe he osrwe an toha to odG, enepgwi nda nkpsigae sineloaptysa, thta he dha moce kbac to nadnlgE noyl to airlmce ihs srhtafe letti adn kmea pecae ihtw Knig Rhrdcia, my trehaf tkoo iypt on ihm, sewor to lphe mih nda ddi so.
enWh teh ocuynsrt osmt iptrnatom emn swa hatt aehtNlodbmrnru aws on hsi eisd, htye came to ese eHryn, adn owedb down to ihm. Tyhe etm mih in snwot, steici, saleilvg; yeth awtedi rof hmi on gsiberd, sdoot in eht etrstes, lya ifsgt fboere ihm, soerw thire ltyyola, ldgedpe eth uorstpp of thire ssno, lewdoofl him kile svantsre. noSo henugo, he gnbea to ennrusddta hsi ewpro. He seoevrtepdp eth mrsoiep edh adem to my rfaeth at uanvghResrp, wenh ihs bdool aws illst muhleb. nAd enht, leddsnyu, he okto it opun hmsflei to roremf nreicta wlsa and cstitr deeescr that egdehiw too vihlaey on eht gondmki. He made ayrng hpesecse bouat teh eabsus we eerw uireffsng, and mseede to pewe evor the sturoncy mlborsep.
And htiw hits eafc, isth kams of hseunsiresogt, he won reevseony shrtea. enTh he etwn even thurref, and utc off the aesdh of lla of Rairhsdc teusiepd, woh saedty ebindh to run the yoturnc ehwli riadRch swa gnwgai war in edalnrI.


Tut, I came not to hear this.


I dtidn cemo hree to telisn to itsh.


Then to the point.
In short time after, he deposed the King,
Soon after that deprived him of his life
And, in the neck of that, tasked the whole state.
95 To make that worse, suffered his kinsman March
(Who is, if every owner were well placed,
Indeed his king) to be engaged in Wales,
There without ransom to lie forfeited,
Disgraced me in my happy victories,
100 Sought to entrap me by intelligence,
Rated mine uncle from the council board,
In rage dismissed my father from the court,
Broke oath on oath, committed wrong on wrong,
And in conclusion drove us to seek out
105 This head of safety, and withal to pry
Into his title, the which we find
Too indirect for long continuance.


hneT llI etg to eht optin. A etllit wlieh lerat, he rvwhteero ginK rRhcdai. Soon arfte atht, he kildel mhi. dAn ihtgr rtfea htta, he ariesd taexs on eoneveyr. To ekam ersmtat wroes, he daeolwl ish ksnimna tiwhmoeMrro by thgrsi oguth to be eth intkgo be eonmdpiisr in Wseal, adn mienar etehr otuwiht aornms. He rtdie to eus my icirsoevt to rasgdcie me, dna drite to ptra me tihw esisp. He dssiseidm my cenul rmof shi oylar inucCol, etwrh my hterfa tou of teh alory tcuor, rkbeo sriomep tfare pmseroi, adn tcdmtoemi irmec tfrea eicrm. In ucnincsolo, he rfcoed us to iesra isht myar for rou nwo seafyt, dna to eusinqto sih mailc on the nwroc, hwchi we ivbelee is oto ilyfsm to adnts.


Shall I return this answer to the King?


uShold I nbrgi shit sarwen to the nigK?


Not so, Sir Walter. Well withdraw awhile.
110 Go to the King, and let there be impawned
Some surety for a safe return again,
And in the morning early shall my uncle
Bring him our purposes. And so farewell.


No, Sir traelW. lleW tnsad dnow orf a lhiew. Go to eht Kngi. My ulcen wlil rbngi mhi our sadmden elrya in het rngonim, veodrdpi htta yuo gearnra ofr a ntaegruae taht elhl be aoldlwe to urentr yslfea. dAn so, falwerle.


I would you would accept of grace and love.


I iswh oyu uowld ecactp eth nKgsi refof of esnidskn adn olev.


115 And maybe so we shall.


pseharP we wlil.


Pray God you do.


I pyar to oGd oyu do.
yThe teix.