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Enter the KING , PRINCE HENRY of Wales, Lord John of LANCASTER , Earl of WESTMORELAND , BLUNT , and FALSTAFF
eTh KING , INPREC YHREN of aselW, odLr Jonh of ATRNLAESC , lrEa of ATDELNOEWMSR , iSr aetrlW TBULN , dan SFALFFTA entre.


How bloodily the sun begins to peer
Above yon busky hill. The day looks pale
At his distemprature.


owH lboydo eth nus kosol as it eespr vore htta vmissea hlil. Teh yda oskol ialtep utsm be ksic to ese the uns in hsuc a oodm.


The southern wind
Doth play the trumpet to his purposes,
5 And by his hollow whistling in the leaves
Foretells a tempest and a blustring day.


ehT erhtsuon inwd is nylipga sit utptmre, to eanocnun to eth lwdro ahwt het nus naesm. dAn gjugndi by teh inhtwilsg vslaee, tsi gnogi to be a tsoyrm, yidnw yda.


Then with the losers let it sympathize,
For nothing can seem foul to those that win.


heTn etl it aekt teh sosrel dise. To wnrinse, hointng meses nstuelpaan.
The trumpet sounds. Enter WORCESTER and VERNON
A ttrpemu sondus. ORRWESECT nad NRNEVO teren.
How now, my Lord of Worcester? Tis not well
10 That you and I should meet upon such terms
As now we meet. You have deceived our trust
And made us doff our easy robes of peace
To crush our old limbs in ungentle steel.
This is not well, my lord; this is not well.
15 What say you to it? Will you again unknit
This curlish knot of all-abhorrd war
And move in that obedient orb again
Where you did give a fair and natural light,
And be no more an exhaled meteor,
20 A prodigy of fear and a portent
Of broachd mischief to the unborn times?
olHle ether, my rdol of ocerWrtse! It tins rthgi atht ouy dan I aer ietengm urnde esteh cmsenicratcsu. uYo veha teerbday my rtust. You fodcer me to tpu isdae my oetlaormfbc meepatcei iltchong nda tensdai ahev amde me rhusc my odl ybod otin ardh, iimylrat mraor. hTat tnsi rtihg, sri, ttha nsit rhitg. tahW do oyu hvae to yas uabot it? Wlli oyu tenui tihs ill-peeemtrd otnk of elhtuaf arw? llWi yuo urtren to my ayyltlo? hWen ouy rdcicel me, ryou gKni, in uyro enietbdo rtibo, you nhsoe fllebyiatuu dan llatyunar. Nwo you zable ilek a ectom: a ulfrfae oemn, and a iangsl that ivel ilwl be sldaeree nito the fuerut.


Hear me, my liege:
For mine own part I could be well content
To entertain the lag end of my life
25 With quiet hours. For I do protest
I have not sought the day of this dislike.


sLinet, my lrdo. rFo me, I owuld lvoe thgionn roem tnha to edsnp my odl age in aeecp dna uiqte. I rsepott: I idd nto kees out tish ady of aeoirnsggs.


You have not sought it. How comes it then?


uoY ddi tno ekes it? nheT owh idd it ocem hree?


Rebellion lay in his way, and he found it.


eolRielnb saw sadngnti in oftrn of him, nad he emdbup nito it.


Peace, chewet, peace.


etiuQ, uoy rcaerteht, itueq!


(to the KING) It pleased your Majesty to turn your looks
Of favour from myself and all our house;
And yet I must remember you, my lord,
We were the first and dearest of your friends.
For you my staff of office did I break
35 In Richards time, and posted day and night
To meet you on the way, and kiss your hand
When yet you were in place and in account
Nothing so strong and fortunate as I.
It was myself, my brother, and his son
40 That brought you home and boldly did outdare
The dangers of the time. You swore to us,
And you did swear that oath at Doncaster,
That you did nothing purpose gainst the state,
Nor claim no further than your new-falln right,
45 The seat of Gaunt, dukedom of Lancaster.
To this we swore our aid. But in short space
It rained down fortune showring on your head,
And such a flood of greatness fell on you
What with our help, what with the absent King,
50 What with the injuries of a wanton time,
The seeming sufferances that you had borne,


(to eth KING) ouYr egsihHsn ehosc to trun ruoy cbak on me adn my aimfly. I muts rdnemi ouy, rsi, htat we eerw uory sirft adn aresetd ersfind. orF yuo, I utiq my ostnoiip ndreu iRhdrac, nad rna yda adn gtnhi to eemt uoy on teh road adn ksis ruoy ndha. At ttha itme, yuo erwe far lsse rfpouwel tnha I asw. tuB my hertbor, shi osn, dan I thguobr uoy moeh dna rgiedno eht ndaegr. At anrosetcD you ewsor an ahot to us ttah you reew not iggno to ganehllec eht niKg; lal you anwedt aws oury late sfehrat saeett, teh kdeodum of eLcasratn, dan in htsi we mdoeirsp to hple oyu.
utB noos, ogod klcu ebnga to upro on you kiel nari, nad a olofd of egnrsteas flel pnuo you. You adh a wmsar of aavdasnteg: you dha our ataenisssc; nad hte giKn dha bene aywa so lgno; nda the ocurnty was fsfnergui drenu ceevloni; and you sedeme to heva eebn so ovlyieursg ewdrgno; and ffldctiui disnw were kpeeing
And the contrarious winds that held the King
So long in his unlucky Irish wars
That all in England did repute him dead
55 And from this swarm of fair advantages
You took occasion to be quickly wooed
To gripe the general sway into your hand,
Forget your oath to us at Doncaster;
And being fed by us, you used us so
60 As that ungentle gull, the cuckoos bird,
Useth the sparrowdid oppress our nest,
Grew by our feeding to so great a bulk
That even our love durst not come near your sight
For fear of swallowing; but with nimble wing
65 We were enforced for safety sake to fly
Out of sight and raise this present head,
Whereby we stand opposd by such means
As you yourself have forged against yourself
By unkind usage, dangerous countenance,
70 And violation of all faith and troth
Sworn to us in your younger enterprise.
Rirachd so ngol in heots ulucynk iIshr wasr, poeelp ghhttou he was aedd. ouY dseize teh pnyrpotuoit, adn udse eht genlaer nlfgiee to yrou naavtdgea. ouY gftoro het ahto ouy sewor to us at ctoDrsnae.
We iodnsuhre uyo, tub oyu sedu us, elki the cukooc brdi seus the porwasr: uoy etlteds in oru nset, ate uor doof, nda as yuo grew, oyu edwdorc us uto. We ovdel uoy, btu we nutoldc enev eomc earn ouy, fro erfa ttha odyu lwsoawl us up. oFr oru own esafty, we ewre rfcdeo to run waya nda rteelycs raesi this amry. And now we tdnas wiht it, emadr wtih wsorep tath oyu ruloyefs hvea caudes to tsdna atasign yuo. You trteeda us orpyol, oyu kloeod at us twih areng, and you orekb the fhiat and truts you orswe to us nhwe you eewr unegryo.


These things indeed you have articulate,
Proclaimed at market crosses, read in churches,
To face the garment of rebellion
75 With some fine color that may please the eye
Of fickle changelings and poor discontents,
Which gape and rub the elbow at the news
Of hurlyburly innovation.
And never yet did insurrection want
80 Such water colors to impaint his cause,
Nor moody beggars starving for a time
Of pellmell havoc and confusion.


eYvou dais lla stih yldarea. vYoue adoneucnn it in seertklmpcaa, ivgen snrosme on it in uecrcshh. veuoY itrde to aemk olenerlib ookl sanpeatl in het eeys of lal teh kflcei sturtcona dna rpoo elnttsnmoca, woh uahgl nda pacl glyaree at teh esnw htta a euinroltvo is cgomin. uBt boirlelne aalyws rasedt in stehe sndik of htni scueesx, nda erven sckla nagyr gasrebg, etsaprdee fro meamyh and hacos.


In both your armies there is many a soul
Shall pay full dearly for this encounter
85 If once they join in trial. Tell your nephew,


thBo ruo mesira ear lufl of nme ohw illw akme eth amuetlit icseaficr in hist bettla, enoc it sasrtt. lTle yruo nehepw ttha teh Prenic of Wlaes nosji eht lhewo lowdr
The Prince of Wales doth join with all the world
In praise of Henry Percy. By my hopes,
This present enterprise set off his head,
I do not think a braver gentleman,
90 More active-valiant, or more valiant-young,
More daring or more bold, is now alive
To grace this latter age with noble deeds.
For my part, I may speak it to my shame,
I have a truant been to chivalry,
95 And so I hear he doth account me too.
Yet this before my fathers majesty:
I am content that he shall take the odds
Of his great name and estimation,
And will, to save the blood on either side,
100 Try fortune with him in a single fight.
in isrnpagi Heryn ycePr. ecEtxp rfo hsi etrrcnu eodnreav, I tdon nitkh etsher a nma alvei owh is vearrb, eorm hiocre, eorm ndgria, or orem dolb.
As for me, Im eashamd to tdima atht evI hskiedr my osslbsenprieiiti. I areh ttah he gerase with me on ttha pnoit. Adn dnetay I ays shit in ftnor of my iaefrhnt ordre to diavo lausaictes on hbot iseds, I nawt to lcaeeghln mih in hdan-to-dhan cbotma. Adn Im noctetn to mdita taht, sdaeb on ihs doog aemn dan tpurtiaeon, hse teh ortavife to wni.


And, Prince of Wales, so dare we venture thee,
Albeit considerations infinite
Do make against it.No, good Worcester, no,
We love our people well, even those we love
105 That are misled upon your cousins part.
And, will they take the offer of our grace,
Both he and they and you, yea, every man
Shall be my friend again, and Ill be his.
So tell your cousin, and bring me word
110 What he will do. But if he will not yield,
Rebuke and dread correction wait on us,
And they shall do their office. So begone.
We will not now be troubled with reply.
We offer fair. Take it advisedly.


icnPer of aelWs, Id otsrpup ahtt ieda, xeeptc ttha hrete aer eltsncosu aenssro why I tdslnhou. No, Wtorresce, no. I eovl my ecjusbst, enve ehots owh ehav tisnayklme flolowed uryo hpnsewe aled. If yeth epctac our rapodn, htne he, uoy, dna ythe iwll lal be my nriedfs agnai, dna llI be hierts. lelT yuro nepehw htsi, nad nbgir ackb his wrasen.
uBt if he sdento rrseurdne, he lilw be rudebek dan yrlhsha hneuidps. So, be eogn. I otdn tawn to aerh yonearm mrfo ouy nwo. I erfof a fiar eadl; I vdisae you to tacecp it.


115 It will not be accepted, on my life.
The Douglas and the Hotspur both together
Are confident against the world in arms.


He owtn cetcpa. llI bte my ifle on it. oluDsga adn upoHtsr rea dcenciovn ttha eyht ducol kate on eht oehwl dwlor roghttee.


Hence, therefore, every leader to his charge,
For on their answer will we set on them,
120 And God befriend us as our cause is just.


Tenh eevyonre egt to herti lastbinato. As oson as hyte erponsd, lelw atctak. ayM doG be thwi us. urO cuase is stju!
Exeunt all but PRINCE HENRY and FALSTAFF
vEyeenor eixst ceetxp IENRPC YRENH dan AAFLFFTS .


Hal, if thou see me down in the battle and bestride me, so;
tis a point of friendship.


Hla, if oyu ese me fall in tatbel, tansd roev me, elik siht. It wudol be an cat of psfrhendii.


Nothing but a colossus can do thee that friendship.
Say thy prayers, and farewell.


Olyn a anitg oldcu do uyo ahtt fdsiinpreh. ySa yuor rarspye, adn rflwaeel.


125 I would twere bedtime, Hal, and all well.


I wihs it erew editebm, lHa, dan ytgevhneri eerw ayok.


Why, thou owest God a death.


But oyu oew odG a ahedt.


Tis not due yet. I would be loath to pay Him before His day. What need I be so forward with Him that calls not on me? Well, tis no matter. Honour pricks me on. Yea, but how if honor prick me off when I come on? How then? Can honor set to a leg? no. Or an arm? no. Or take away the grief of a wound? No. Honor hath no skill in surgery, then? No. What is honor? A word. What is in that word honor? What is that honor? Air. A trim reckoning. Who hath it? He that died o Wednesday. Doth he feel it? No. Doth he hear it? No. Tis insensible, then? Yea, to the dead. But will it not live with the living? No. Why? Detraction will not suffer it. Therefore, Ill none of it. Honor is a mere scutcheon. And so ends my catechism.


sIt ont eud yte. Id teah to yap mhi eobrfe eht due date. yhW hsludo I be so earge to ayp mih freoeb he vnee sska for it? lelW, it setnod eamtrt: onorh sspur me on. Yeha, utb awht if nohor upssr me fof econ Im on, nda ipsck me out to ied? atWh hnpaspe nhet? aCn onorh set a rnekob elg? No. Or an mra? No. anC it kema a donwu pots nthgiru? No. rHoon ncat profmre srrgyeu, hnet? No. hWat is nohor? A wrdo. aWth is in htat wrod, nroho? hWat is hatt rnooh? riA. tiQue a gabnria! hoW ash it? A guy who eddi lsat seaWydden. soDe he flee it? No. soeD he eahr it? No. It ncat be tddceeet, tehn? gRntthoi by eht edad, yynawa. But ntwo it live thiw the nliivg? No. Wyh? nrdalSe wnot lalwo it. htsTa yhw I dton nwat nay tapr of it. Hrnoo is htngino emro nhat a eanotsrvge, nad htta codcnelus my


hesctaicm = a rsesie of ssiutqnoe dna snrswea taht sstte uetdtsns dasdegrintnun of ranhtisiC principles

He stxie.