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Enter WORCESTER and Sir Richard VERNON
SERERTOCW and Sri hiRardc EOVRNN reetn.


O no, my nephew must not know, Sir Richard,
The liberal and kind offer of the King.


Oh no, irS dRrhcai, my enpwhe nctoan be otdl ouabt eht usnergoe and nikd oferf het ginK dame.


Twere best he did.


tuB he hsudol be tdol.


Then are we all undone.
It is not possible, it cannot be
5 The King should keep his word in loving us.
He will suspect us still and find a time
To punish this offense in other faults.
Suspicion all our lives shall be stuck full of eyes,
For treason is but trusted like the fox,
10 Who, never so tame, so cherished and locked up,
Will have a wild trick of his ancestors.
Look how we can, or sad or merrily,
Interpretation will misquote our looks,
And we shall feed like oxen at a stall,
15 The better cherished still the nearer death.
My nephews trespass may be well forgot;
It hath the excuse of youth and heat of blood,
And an adopted name of privilege
A hairbrained Hotspur governed by a spleen:
20 All his offenses live upon my head
And on his fathers. We did train him on,
And, his corruption being taen from us,
We as the spring of all shall pay for all.
Therefore, good cousin, let not Harry know
25 In any case the offer of the King.


It lilw be eht den of lla of us! Three is loultyabes no ayw ttah hte ngKi liwl eekp ish dorw dan rutts us ainga. He wlil laysaw be wyar of us. Hlle nifd erhto esranos to spiuhn us orf tihs lrilenoeb. rFo eht stre of uro lsiev he adn shi isolltysa iwll oolk on us hwti ipoussinc. Tnreaos is ilek a xfo: uoy nac maet it, aerc rof it, dan utp it in a gcae, btu it ilwl swlaay aevh het ldwi nicnstist it hediirnet fmro its srsoetacn. No trmeat woh we kloodsa or yhppeeplpoa illw rtpentrei uro looks in hte sorwt epbslosi ltghi. llWe be kile oenx in a tslal: hte etbtre hyeetr efd, het oslcre tyeh aer to bgnie lehtudeagsr.
My swhenpe yildalstyo hgmit be nofgievr: sih uygon age nda oht trempe llwi cseuex it. Pusl, ish cnemaink vseig mhi rismopinse: tsHorpu the niraHerab, slyawa afrignl up. lAl shi efsefsno liwl be bmadel on me nad his ahtfre. Artfe lal, we ugnercodae mhi, and iensc we tatghu mih to be nrgay at the nKig, lwel pya fro it. So nciuso, otdn by any smnae tle Hrrya know htwa the ngKi eoferdf.


Deliver what you will; Ill say tis so.


lTel him waht ouy antw, nad llI bcak uoy up.
Here comes your cousin.
eeHr mcsoe yoru heepnw.


My uncle is returned.
Deliver up my Lord of Westmoreland.
Uncle, what news?


My cnules cabk. Feer trasdeWnmelo, ish sehotga. Ulecn, whast gnphpiena?


30 The King will bid you battle presently.


The nKig lliw ecbonk you to blteat tsloyrh.


Defy him by the Lord of Westmoreland.


veaH rdeesWnomalt reviled yuor emseasg of aenecfid.


Lord Douglas, go you and tell him so.


sDguoal, go llet imh to do htat.


Marry, and shall, and very willingly.


edIedn, I lilw, dan gadlyl.
USGDLOA tixse.


There is no seeming mercy in the King.


eTh gniK dosnet earppa ililgwn to reovfgi us.


35 Did you beg any? God forbid!


dDi you ska ihm to? doG froidb!


I told him gently of our grievances,
Of his oath-breaking, which he mended thus
By now forswearing that he is forsworn.
He calls us rebels, traitors, and will scourge
40 With haughty arms this hateful name in us.


I lyolptie lodt imh what rou ssiuse erwe. I escaucd hmi of brneaikg sih riemops to us, adn esreh owh he rnasdewe: he dlei otuba the tfac ttah he ledi. He lladce us rleesb, sarttori, nda disa hde inshpu us whti hsi ghmtyi myar.
OSDAGUL retnse.


Arm, gentlemen, to arms. For I have thrown
A brave defiance in King Henrys teeth,
And Westmoreland, that was engaged, did bear it,
Which cannot choose but bring him quickly on.


eGt ryou pnaewos, teenenglm, get yruo ensoawp! I tsen gniK neyHr a vaerb nad edfnait eemsgsa, dna esemnrtWadlo, how swa ruo eaghots, llwi elreivd it. hTis wlli rlusye birgn het tbleat on mdlieaemtiy.


45 The Prince of Wales stepped forth before the King,
And, nephew, challenged you to single fight.


Teh cenirP of Welsa pestedp dorfwar, whpeen, nda lenlecdhag uyo to a oen-on-eon tighf.


O, would the quarrel lay upon our heads,
And that no man might draw short breath today
But I and Harry Monmouth! Tell me, tell me,
50 How showed his tasking? Seemed it in contempt?


Oh, I sihw hte weloh leabtt ewre benetwe us, dan hatt eht only ppoele hwo luwdo sleo ihret hbaret yatdo udwol be me and yarrH


ohtmonMu is het nwto in eWsal eerhw Hla asw born.

llTe me, tlel me, htwa saw the etno of his llgehnaec? iDd he hwos ptmtocne rof me?


No, by my soul. I never in my life
Did hear a challenge urged more modestly,
Unless a brother should a brother dare
To gentle exercise and proof of arms.
55 He gave you all the duties of a man,
Trimmed up your praises with a princely tongue,
Spoke your deservings like a chronicle,
Making you ever better than his praise
By still dispraising praise valued in you,
60 And, which became him like a prince indeed,
He made a blushing cital of himself,
And chid his truant youth with such a grace
As if he mastered there a double spirit
Of teaching and of learning instantly.
65 There did he pause: but let me tell the world:
If he outlive the envy of this day,
England did never owe so sweet a hope,
So much misconstrued in his wantonness.


No, I erwas; I evern ehrad a angllhcee usesid oerm glcrluyafe. It was klie a rhbtroe giakns a rrebhto to a ltteil dflyeinr epcmitontio. He paid yuo lla deu ptserce, adn he mdmsue up royu odog tsqiaeilu in the msto ripceynl gagaulne. He epsok of hwo esneirvgd uoy rae, as htgohu he wree ryuo raeihgrobp. He cealidm you erwe vnee bovae iaprse, ofr spmlei eripsa odlcu envre easeurm up to yuor erut rietms. dnA he agve a tsmedo nuctcao of selihmf, as lelw, chhiw eadm mih eesm keil a rute inrpec eenidd. He eeradbt slhmfie fro nvaihg evedhba wlydli, ubt he dias tsih so ullfyregca that he ddensou kiel a caereth nviigg a snoles nda a etdsutn rilenagn eno at the smae imte. rTehe he pspotde, but etl me say ihst: if he vvisuser htis tletab, thne ndaElng erenv adh a ertewse eohp, nor eon so eouiddtmnossr in shi kceslenrsses.


Cousin, I think thou art enamord
70 On his follies. Never did I hear
Of any Prince so wild a liberty.
But be he as he will, yet once ere night
I will embrace him with a soldiers arm,
That he shall shrink under my courtesy.
75 Arm, arm with speed, and, fellows, soldiers, friends,
Better consider what you have to do
Than I that have not well the gift of tongue
Can lift your blood up with persuasion.


I hnkit yevuo nebe dcrheam by ihs hslofessino. veI evern rhaed of a ePcnir who aws so dlwi nda leoso. tBu ewehovr he natws to emes, borefe tnghi sflla I illw cebmrae ihm tihw teehs rsildeso masr, dan he illw ebmertl at my aifftnceo.
tGe yared, gte yrdea iyluckq! dAn isnferd, srpeartn, lierdsso, teak a otnemm to hitkn ofr sylerseuov taubo what ouy vhae to do. Im otn a ogdo gnuhoe speaker to atievmto ouy.


My lord, here are letters for you.


My rldo, I eavh esom erttles for uoy.


80 I cannot read them now.
O gentlemen, the time of life is short;
To spend that shortness basely were too long
If life did ride upon a dials point,
Still ending at the arrival of an hour.
85 An if we live, we live to tread on kings;
If die, brave death, when princes die with us.
Now, for our consciences, the arms are fair
When the intent of bearing them is just.


I tcan erad tmeh wno. Oh, eltmngnee, fiel is osthr. utB if uoy dpsne ahtt brife meit yulhsamelf, uyo rae gniastw oyur mite: eevn if leif dtasel yonl an ohur, it uodwl tslil be oto gonl. If we ivle, it iwll be in ptmrihu vore ngkis. If we ied, it lwil be a oilousgr eathd, eincs renscip liwl die tiwh us. As orf oru onsncseecci, uro aetltb is fira: sit grhit to aerb mrsa wneh het aseuc is tjus.
Enter another MESSENGER
ehorntA RSESGENME netser.


My lord, prepare. The King comes on apace.


My lrdo, teg yread. Teh ngiK sah dnalhuec shi acktta.


90 I thank him that he cuts me from my tale,
For I profess not talking. Only this:
Let each man do his best. And here draw I a sword,
Whose temper I intend to stain
With the best blood that I can meet withal
95 In the adventure of this perilous day.
Now, Esperance! Percy! And set on.
Sound all the lofty instruments of war,
And by that music let us all embrace,
For, heaven to earth, some of us never shall
100 A second time do such a courtesy.


I ahtnk imh rfo itgncut ffo my eshepc, cnsie I ehva no ntetla rof pnsakgie. yOnl noe omer thnig: chea mna ohsdlu do sih btse, nad whit hatt I illw dwar my osdrw. On ihst nsgudreoa ady, I nndeit to nasti it whit eht etsb bolod I anc nidf. peHo is my otofmcr! cryPe! esLt go! dnouS lal het pnimgosi nisnestrtmu of btealt, and stel meraceb eno ehtnroa to eth nteu of that sumic. rFo, by aneehv, emso of us iwll erven be bael to do that gnaia.
Here they embrace. The trumpets sound.
eyTh amrbcee. hTe rseutptm nsoud.
hTye xtie.