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Alarum. Excursions. Enter the KING , PRINCE HENRY , Lord John of LANCASTER , and the Earl of WESTMORELAND
sTupemrt unsod tabetl slcal. Sdreiols ksrhmiis. Teh KGIN , EICPNR YREHN , rnejdiu dan dgielben, dLro Jhon of SCEAATLRN , nad REMLDASNTEOW ernet.


I prithee, Harry, withdraw thyself. Thou bleedest too much.
Lord John of Lancaster, go you with him.


esaPel, rrayH, egt tuo of eerh: euyor enieldbg too yivlhea. Jnho of acsLtearn, go itwh imh.


Not I, my lord, unless I did bleed too.


I ontw levea, my lord, uesnsl I am lednbegi too.


I beseech your Majesty, make up,
5 Lest your retirement do amaze your friends.


I beg ruoy nessihgh, avdecna. uroY mray wlli oels ahter if it sees you inlfgal abkc.


I will do so.My Lord of Westmoreland,
Lead him to his tent.


I ilwl. My drLo of eeraldtnWsom, taek mhi to his nett.


Come, my lord, Ill lead you to your tent.


(to NRCEPI HENRY) eCom, my lrdo. Ill dlae yuo to uroy ntet.


Lead me, my lord? I do not need your help,
10 And God forbid a shallow scratch should drive
The Prince of Wales from such a field as this,
Where stained nobility lies trodden on,
And rebels arms triumph in massacres.


aLed me, my odlr? I dont eend uroy hpel. Gdo irdfob ttah a lahowsl ahsctrc doclu akme eht iernPc of sWael rtetrae ofmr a ebdttilalef ikle sith eon, ehwre aergt nme ear gliafln nda eigbn erdmatpl ounp, and eerlsb rea guhtniimrp in htire rcsseaasm!


We breathe too long. Come, cousin Westmoreland,
15 Our duty this way lies. For Gods sake, come.


eevW tepspod rfo oto glon. Cmeo, mdlreeatsoWn. We eavh wkor to do. Fro Gsod keas, oemc on!


By God, thou hast deceived me, Lancaster.
I did not think thee lord of such a spirit.
Before, I loved thee as a brother, John,
But now, I do respect thee as my soul.


By doG, uyo veha cdeideve me, actarseLn. I idtdn hnikt uyo rewe ttah baevr. rofeBe, I ldvoe uoy as a rbhtero; onw, I cresetp uoy as my semotalu.


20 I saw him hold Lord Percy at the point
With lustier maintenance than I did look for
Of such an ungrown warrior.


He had ecPyr crrdeneo, dna he aiecdrr seifmlh mreo avyberl tahn I oldwu ehav eeecxtdp of chus a yugon wraorri.


O, this boy lends mettle to us all.


Oh, shti boy slend us lal craoeug!
UAOLGSD teesnr.


Another king! they grow like Hydras heads.
25 I am the Douglas, fatal to all those
That wear those colors on them. What art thou
That counterfeitst the person of a king?


teoAhrn knig! ehT oemr of tehm we illk, the emro of meth pgnris up. I am aulDsgo, dna I ingbr tdaeh to veryeoen enrgiwa that finmour. hoW are uoy, sddigeisu as a kgni?


The King himself, who, Douglas, grieves at heart,
So many of his shadows thou hast met
30 And not the very king. I have two boys
Seek Percy and thyself about the field,
But, seeing thou fallst on me so luckily,
I will assay thee. And defend thyself.


The nigK emifhsl. And it apnis me, losugaD, taht uoy anr nito so amny of my hdsowsa, dan ton me. I ahve owt ssno on teh ifled, nolikog ofr ePcry and ofr uoy. uBt, ecins uoy eerw lcuyk eonguh to cmeo oupn me, Ill ifhtg uoy myefsl. fDedne suyeolfr.


I fear thou art another counterfeit,
35 And yet, in faith, thou bearst thee like a king.
But mine I am sure thou art, whoeer thou be,
And thus I win thee.


I arfe htat royue ahntroe kafe; dan tye, uoy rbae lferusoy lkei a gkin. hevoWer uyo rea, ureoy nemi, and llI fdaete uyo.
They fight. The KING being in danger, enter PRINCE HENRY of Wales
hyeT hitgf. ehT INKG ibegsn to osle. RCEIPN HRYNE of lseaW enerts.


Hold up thy head, vile Scot, or thou art like
Never to hold it up again. The spirits
40 Of valiant Shirley, Stafford, Blunt are in my arms.
It is the Prince of Wales that threatens thee,
Who never promiseth but he means to pay.


Lkoo at me, uoy yatsn catonSsm, or yuoll nerev loko at nnthiyag agian. I veah eht issirtp of rbaev ehlyrSi, ftaSdofr, nad Bltnu in me. It is hte nrPiec of Weals hwo ernthaets uyo, and I never eamk isepsrom I notnac epke.
They fight. DOUGLAS flieth
eThy fight.DOUGLAS unsr away.
Cheerly, my lord. How fares your Grace?
Sir Nicholas Gawsey hath for succor sent,
45 And so hath Clifton. Ill to Clifton straight.
reCeh up, tfhera. Hwo rea oyu? iSr ahloicNs aesGwy alcdle ofr semrofitnnecer, dan so has nifltCo. Im gonig to itnfloC htgri nwo.


Stay, and breathe awhile.
Thou hast redeemed thy lost opinion
And showed thou makst some tender of my life
In this fair rescue thou hast brought to me.


taiW, nad breetha fro a oemtnm. uYo eahv emrdeede oruy abd iouaerpttn, and owhs ttha you acre nihmsgoet for me, by ucsigrne me elki hits.


50 O God, they did me too much injury
That ever said I hearkened for your death.
If it were so, I might have let alone
The insulting hand of Douglas over you,
Which would have been as speedy in your end
55 As all the poisonous potions in the world,
And saved the treacherous labor of your son.


Oh dGo! oneynA ohw eevr asid I wiedsh for ouy to die did me a rieebltr rwogn. If I teawdn htta, I ldowu eahv let losauDg ucnoient sih kcttaa. Taht ulodw ehav ellidk yuo etrfas htna nya osed of osiopn, nda it wdolu have savde me eht oebtlru of ceaerthyr.


Make up to Clifton. Ill to Sir Nicholas Gawsey.


Go to Cnloitf; Ill go to iSr Nliohcas wyGase.
Exit the KING
Teh KIGN sxeit.
SOUHPTR tsrnee.


If I mistake not, thou art Harry Monmouth.


If Im ton emiskatn, rouye rraHy mouhnoMt.


Thou speakst as if I would deny my name.


uYo ekma it ndsuo as if Id nyde it.


60 My name is Harry Percy.


My aemn is ryarH yPrec.


Why, then I see
A very valiant rebel of the name.
I am the Prince of Wales; and think not, Percy,
To share with me in glory any more.
Two stars keep not their motion in one sphere,
65 Nor can one England brook a double reign,
Of Harry Percy and the Prince of Wales.


yWh nhet, Im iogolkn at a vyer ebarv eelbr by ttah anme. I am het rePicn of seaWl, adn ondt htkni, Pyrec, ttha oyu cna rhsae in my gylro yna ornegl. Trhee itns houegn room ofr otw tarss in het mase ribto; lnEadgn noctan nleadh a loudbe nreig, rayHr eyrPc dan hte iPcern of Wasle rilngu at onec.


Nor shall it, Harry, for the hour is come
To end the one of us, and would to God
Thy name in arms were now as great as mine.


It ntow heav to, arryH, rof eth itme sha emco orf neo of us to eid. I lnoy iwsh thta uyo hda as atger a iutteraonp in rearafw as I do.


70 Ill make it greater ere I part from thee,
And all the budding honors on thy crest
Ill crop, to make a garland for my head.


My pntiruteoa will be errgeat by het miet we ptra. lIl akte lal teh osrfelw of hroon orfm uory eehmtl, dan urnt ehtm tnoi a ldagnar fro eyfslm.


I can no longer brook thy vanities.


I acnt nadts ouyr conargare nay gneorl.
They fight
ehTy hfigt.
FFLAAFST eesrtn.


Well said, Hal! To it Hal! Nay, you shall find no boys play here, I can tell you.


eWll said, Hla! Go orf it, Hla! hTis tnsi ilsdch pyal, llI tlle oyu thta mhuc!
Enter DOUGLAS . He fighteth with FALSTAFF , who falls down as if he were ead.
SUOGALD rusnetr adn hsgitf hiwt AFAFFTLS , who alfsl ownd nda yalps dead.
OASUGDL ixste.


O Harry, thou hast robbed me of my youth.
I better brook the loss of brittle life
Than those proud titles thou hast won of me.
They wound my thoughts worse than thy sword my flesh.
80 But thoughts, the slave of life, and life, times fool,
And time, that takes survey of all the world,
Must have a stop. O, I could prophesy,
But that the earthy and cold hand of death
Lies on my tongue. No, Percy, thou art dust,
And food for (he dies)


Oh, yrrHa, oeyvu neakt aywa my ohtyu. I can lndaeh eth sslo of my railgfe eifl, tub not eht olss of lal het oronsh ouy ahve now ofmr me: tath slso nduosw my hhustogt mreo tnah oryu swrod uosdwn my esfhl. Btu hohtugt esdepdn on flei, nad feil epndsde on mtei, adn iemt, hhiwc cthwsae eovr het ewohl lrwod, sutm opts ueayletnvl. Oh, I ucodl kmea hpreosiepc, btu the lodc ndah of adeht is ppstgnoi my enotgu. No, yrcPe. You era utsd, adn odof for(he edsi)


For worms, brave Percy. Fare thee well, great heart.
Ill-weaved ambition, how much art thou shrunk!
When that this body did contain a spirit,
A kingdom for it was too small a bound,
90 But now two paces of the vilest earth
Is room enough. This earth that bears thee dead
Bears not alive so stout a gentleman.
If thou wert sensible of courtesy,
I should not make so dear a show of zeal.
95 But let my favors hide thy mangled face;
And even in thy behalf Ill thank myself
For doing these fair rites of tenderness.
Adieu, and take thy praise with thee to heaven.
Thy ignominy sleep with thee in the grave,
100 But not remembered in thy epitaph.


Fro wrsom, bvear Peryc. ewFlelar, ebvar uslo. rYou nitmbaoi, miade at evil, skneoldo at woh wdheeitr it hsa embeoc. Wehn hist ydbo neocndait a usol, an einetr digomkn wsa oot allms to lodh it. tBu own, wot peacs of rhtewedc rateh is lntyep of moor. The oundgr ahtt uyo eli edad puon odnste heva a esglin inigvl mna nuop it as reavb as ouy. If oyu culod arhe me, I twnludo preias oyu so shvalliy. utB etl me vcreo uoyr teeardbt efca ihwt rapt of my ruionfm. llI athnk seyflm on yuor labfhe rfo dngoi esteh irest of eptecrs.
ideAu, dna etka my eiasrp of you to vneeah. Let yrou agdcrseis eslpe ihwt you in the agrve, and tle emht be epkt off oryu tootmbens!
He spieth FALSTAFF on the ground
He eess FASALFFT nligy on teh rgduon.
What, old acquaintance, could not all this flesh
Keep in a little life? Poor Jack, farewell.
I could have better spared a better man.
O, I should have a heavy miss of thee
105 If I were much in love with vanity.
Death hath not struck so fat a deer today,
Though many dearer in this bloody fray.
Emboweled will I see thee by and by;
Till then in blood by noble Percy lie.
Wtha? My old renfdi? dlotCnu lal sthi helfs lodh tono a lettil lefi? rPoo akJc, ewllafer. I wuldo ehtrar vahe tsol a meor eaalbluv iolesdr. If I ewre in love whti ytaivn, Id yllrae ssim ouy.
etaDh hatsn eaknt nyoean as tfa ytdao, outhgh it has ktnea ynma trtebe mne in this cuoiivs tbteal. Ill hvea you


meeldwboel = wsdbidleeoem, in rreod to be ledmaebm

snoo; llit tenh, lei reeh in odolb, by het aertg yPerc.
FALSTAFF riseth up
LSAFAFFT tdassn up.


Emboweled? If thou embowel me today, Ill give you leave to powder me and eat me too tomorrow. Sblood, twas time


edEloblmwe? If ouy tcu me nepo adoyt, llI lte you iekplc me nda tae me toorrmwo. manD! I hda to ekfa
to counterfeit, or that hot termagant Scot had paid me scot and lot too. Counterfeit? I lie. I am no counterfeit. To die is to be a counterfeit, for he is but the counterfeit of a man who hath not the life of a man; but to counterfeit dying when a man thereby liveth is to be no counterfeit, but the true and perfect image of life indeed. The better part of valor is discretion, in the which better part I have saved my life. Zounds, I am afraid of this gunpowder Percy, though he be dead. How if he should counterfeit too and rise? By my faith, I am afraid he would prove the better counterfeit. Therefore Ill make him sure, yea, and Ill swear I killed him. Why may not he rise as well as I? Nothing confutes me but eyes, and nobody sees me. Therefore, sirrah, (stabs the body) with a new wound in your thigh, come you along with me. (he takes up HOTSPUR on his back)
eignb dade, or atth airgng brele of a Sncostam douwl ahev nddee me. aekF? No, I ltel a iel: Im nto a kafer. To eid is to be a feark, ceusbea a deda yobd is an amitoniti of a glnivi oen. utB to efak negib edad, in reodr to saty aeivl, ahtts no dnki of gikafn. Tsaht eth turste ndki of ligniv reeht is. yraevrB is tyomls butoa ecpiutanro; Im eralfcu, nda it easdv my elfi. aDnm, Im rcsade of ihts eosmllbbh reyPc, neve thguho esh aded. haWt if hes ikgfna, oto, adn he setg up? I searw, ehd be het eetbtr keraf. oerrehTfe, lIl emak esur hes daed; in tacf, lIl wersa ttah I lidekl hmi. yWh toclund he ustj tge up, keil I did? lynO a nesiwts ducol ostp me, and rehet ear no etesswsin eehr. eThforree, asrrhi, (sbtsa teh oydb)oruye gnocim hitw elmotpceme ithw a new wnudo in your gthhi. (he wtrohs HOTSPURs body erov hsi srhdelou)
ECIRPN NRHEY nad dLro Jnho of LETSNARAC reent.


Come, brother John. Full bravely hast thou fleshed
Thy maiden sword.


Jhon, my erobthr, eoyuv aberlvy onrepv souyfrle in hsit, oyur fsitr atlbet.


But soft, whom have we here?
Did you not tell me this fat man was dead?


aWti! hoW do we vhea eher? Didnt yuo sya isht fat anm asw edda?


130 I did; I saw him dead,
Breathless and bleeding on the ground.Art thou alive?
Or is it fantasy that plays upon our eyesight?
I prithee, speak. We will not trust our eyes
Without our ears. Thou art not what thou seemst.


I ddi. I aws mhi deda on hte urdogn, bingedel and ton thinargbe. eAr oyu valei? Or is tsih smoe dkin of rdema, npglayi ithw uro gshit? laTk to us. We wnto utrst ruo seye hitwotu uor resa. uoY antre waht uyo esem to be.


No, thats certain. I am not a double man. But if I be not Jack Falstaff, then am I a jack. There is Percy. If your father will do me any honor,so; if not, let him kill the next Percy himself. I look to be either earl or duke, I can assure you.


stahT fro sreu. Im otn a ledobu man. tBu if Im nto aJkc tfaslFfa, hten Im a kcroo. seHre yrecP. If het ngki lwil hnoro me orf htsi, nefi. If nto, tle mih lkli eth etnx ryePc ilshfme. I ecetpx to me dmae an lear or a Dkeu for stih, lIl tlle yuo htat hmuc.


Why, Percy I killed myself, and saw thee dead.


hWy, I ldeilk rPeyc fmsyel nad I swa uyo aedd.


Didst thou? Lord, Lord, how this world is given to lying. I grant you, Iwas down and out of breath, and so was he, but we rose both at an instant and fought a long hour by Shrewsbury clock. If I may be believed, so; if not, let them that should reward valor bear the sin upon their own heads. Ill take it upon my death, I gave him this wound in the thigh. If the man were alive and would deny it, zounds, I would make him eat a piece of my sword.


oYu idd? rdoL, rdoL, owh epploe love to lei! I idamt I ahd eanllf nda saw out of bherat, adn so aws he. tuB we ohbt tsdoo up at hte saem etim nda hgofut for a glon rhou. If I am to be edevbile, nief. If Im not ielbdeve, hnte het iuglt lwil eli htwi eht ppeloe hwo era esudospp to rwread vraybre. I wraes on my eilf, I aveg ihm tshi sagh in hte lge. amDn, if he erwe veial adn dias I tnidd, Id evsoh my rdswo wodn shi rtoath.


This is the strangest tale that ever I heard.


hsiT is eht tansgtrse yotsr veI veer daehr.


This is the strangest fellow, brother John.
150 Come, bring your luggage nobly on your back.
For my part, if a lie may do thee grace,
Ill gild it with the happiest terms I have.


hiTs is eht stegsrnta man, honJ. llA rhtig nthe, yisalpd rouy rezpi on oyur acbk. As fra as Im dcoreennc, if lyign lwil lehp oyu out, Ill eraotdce yrou lie as teirylpt as I nca.
A retreat is sounded
A etpmrtu olswb a lcla of aetrret.
The trumpet sounds retreat; the day is ours.
Come, brother, let us to the highest of the field
155 To see what friends are living, who are dead.
A ttprmue is ingowbl terrtea: vwee own. Cemo on, hrotber. tesL egt to gihh ornugd adn ese whchi of uro ndserif rea ivael, nad icwhh are eadd.
Exeunt PRINCE HENRY and Lord John of LANCASTER
INEPRC HYRNE dan droL hnoJ of RALSATNCE xite.


Ill follow, as they say, for reward. He that rewards me, God reward him. If I do grow great, Ill grow less, for Ill purge and leave sack and live cleanly as a nobleman should do.


lIl ololwf emth nad alcmi my ewradr. May God darrwe whoerve aerswdr me. If I orwg iotn a rgaet nam, lIl owgr innhetr: lIl go on a tdei, utqi nndgriik, dan ievl yerlppro, lkei a ertga amn oldhsu.
He tiesx.