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The trumpets sound. Enter the KING , PRINCE HENRY , Lord John of LANCASTER , Earl of WESTMORELAND , with WORCESTER and VERNON prisoners
Teumpsrt uodns. hTe IGNK , PCRENI NYHER , droL Jnho of ACNRASLET , nda DLWAOSEMRTNE neter, wtih ESRORWTCE and ENOVNR as rsreiopns.


Thus ever did rebellion find rebuke.
Ill-spirited Worcester, did not we send grace,
Pardon, and terms of love to all of you?
And wouldst thou turn our offers contrary,
5 Misuse the tenor of thy kinsmans trust?
Three knights upon our party slain today,
A noble earl, and many a creature else
Had been alive this hour,
If like a Christian thou hadst truly borne
10 Betwixt our armies true intelligence.


sihT is how eribsnoell yslaaw dnedafeetde. lviE-spreitdi Wroerctes! idtDn I effro sdninkse, svigorfseen dna idihspnfer to lal of uoy? And uoy tredneped ttha I did the istpeoop? Yoru rteevalsi nda rnidsfe ertsdtu ouy, ety uoy dlei to tmeh? ehrTe of rou ksntihg how ewre dillke odtay, a onble laer, dan aynm ehtor nme tihmg ahev eben ielva higtr onw if oyu dha eneb a needct nam nad terprdeo lflrtuthuy on the gsenitonoita eetnweb our otw amresi.


What I have done my safety urged me to.
And I embrace this fortune patiently,
Since not to be avoided it falls on me.


I idd wath I hda to do rof the asek of my now elwl-nbegi. I ptecca my aetf tleyaptin, ciens srhete no ywa I cna odiav it.


Bear Worcester to the death, and Vernon too.
15 Other offenders we will pause upon.


Ptu Wrcoreets to etahd, nad Voennr oot: Ill tiwa a lehwi ebfoer I dceeid wtha to do boaut hte orthse.
Exeunt WORCESTER and VERNON under guard
SREEOWTCR nad ONRNVE ear eetsrocd ayaw by durgas.
How goes the field?
shWta pnphagnie on eth tiltebadelf?


The noble Scot, Lord Douglas, when he saw
The fortune of the day quite turned from him,
The noble Percy slain, and all his men
20 Upon the foot of fear, fled with the rest,
And, falling from a hill, he was so bruised
That the pursuers took him. At my tent
The Douglas is, and I beseech your Grace
I may dispose of him.


nehW taht ebvar saotcmnS, drLo uoDsagl, swa thta tghins rwee nnritgu aistgan mih, ttah reyPc hda nbee ldkiel, adn atht his emn erew gfeline in eorrrt, he nar ywaa oot. He ellf ondw a lhil and swa so byadl jrdiuen that uor men weer beal to pateruc mih. Hse gibne lehd snrpiero at my ntet.
I ask ouyr nhhsgsie to tel me eddeic awht to do ihtw imh.


With all my heart.


hWti lla my retah.


25 Then, brother John of Lancaster, to you
This honorable bounty shall belong.
Go to the Douglas, and deliver him
Up to his pleasure, ransomless and free.
His valor shown upon our crests today
30 Hath taught us how to cherish such high deeds,
Even in the bosom of our adversaries.


Brertho, hJno of reLanstac, Im gnoig to egiv you teh nohro of isth gresnoeu act. Go to uaDslog nda ste mih free, wthi no amsorn edu. eLt mih do hwrvteea he naswt. His raveb igihfntg nsataig us toayd ludsho be udeval, veen thghuo he swa rou neyme.


I thank your Grace for this high courtesy,
Which I shall give away immediately.


hknTa you ofr ngviig me siht rhono. Ill eakt ecra of it aeelmmydtii.


Then this remains, that we divide our power.
35 You, son John, and my cousin Westmoreland,
Towards York shall bend you with your dearest speed
To meet Northumberland and the prelate Scroop,
Who, as we hear, are busily in arms.
Myself and you, son Harry, will towards Wales
40 To fight with Glendower and the Earl of March.
Rebellion in this land shall lose his sway,
Meeting the check of such another day.
And since this business so fair is done,
Let us not leave till all our own be won.


llA tahst eflt is rof us to ltpis up uor seaimr. oYu, my ons Jnho, dna uoy, ardetsoeWmln, edah aosrwtd rokY as yqlukci as uoy can. rtCfnoon madnlrebohNrtu dna taht uhcrcmhan het opbAicrhsh, hwo, I ahgter, ear naisgri sieram aagints us. uYo dna I, ayHrr my son, wlli haed orf Wlsea to hgift enoGrdlew and tmrrMeio. heT lreneliob in isht anld will ekarb rtpaa enoc it msete aetbtls lkie eth neo we ufhgot yotad. dAn ncesi we vhea iseldmpochca uor ssbsienu so elwl, lste ton uqti utinl yrtenigehv sah eneb won.
yThe eitx.