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Henry IV, Part 1

William Shakespeare

  Act 3 Scene 2

page Act 3 Scene 2 Page 6

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How now, good Blunt? Thy looks are full of speed.
What’s wrong, Blunt? You look like there’s an emergency.


So hath the business that I come to speak of.
Lord Mortimer of Scotland hath sent word
165That Douglas and the English rebels met
The eleventh of this month at Shrewsbury.
A mighty and a fearful head they are,
If promises be kept on every hand,
As ever offered foul play in the state.


There is, which is what I’ve come to tell you. Lord Mortimer of Scotland sent word that Douglas and the English rebels met at Shrewsbury, on the eleventh of this month. If everyone involved keeps their word, they will have an army as enormous and terrifying as any that ever caused trouble in this kingdom.


170The Earl of Westmoreland set forth today,
With him my son, Lord John of Lancaster,
For this advertisement is five days old.—
On Wednesday next, Harry, you shall set forward.
On Thursday we ourselves will march. Our meeting
175Is Bridgenorth. And, Harry, you shall march
Through Gloucestershire; by which account,
Our business valuèd, some twelve days hence
Our general forces at Bridgenorth shall meet.
Our hands are full of business. Let’s away.
180Advantage feeds him fat while men delay.


We heard this news five days ago. The Earl of Westmoreland left today, along with my son Lord John of Lancaster. Harry, you’ll go next Wednesday. On Thursday, I will go myself. We’ll meet at Bridgenorth. Harry, you will march through Gloucestershire. Given the amount of time we’ll all need, we should come together with our full forces at Bridgenorth twelve days from now. There’s a lot to do, so let’s go. Our enemies will take advantage if we’re slow.
They exit.