Henry IV, Part 1

by: William Shakespeare

  Act 5 Scene 4

page Act 5 Scene 4 Page 5

Original Text

Modern Text


For worms, brave Percy. Fare thee well, great heart.
Ill-weaved ambition, how much art thou shrunk!
When that this body did contain a spirit,
A kingdom for it was too small a bound,
90But now two paces of the vilest earth
Is room enough. This earth that bears thee dead
Bears not alive so stout a gentleman.
If thou wert sensible of courtesy,
I should not make so dear a show of zeal.
95But let my favors hide thy mangled face;
And even in thy behalf I’ll thank myself
For doing these fair rites of tenderness.
Adieu, and take thy praise with thee to heaven.
Thy ignominy sleep with thee in the grave,
100But not remembered in thy epitaph.


For worms, brave Percy. Farewell, brave soul. Your ambition, aimed at evil, ends—look at how withered it has become. When this body contained a soul, an entire kingdom was too small to hold it. But now, two paces of wretched earth is plenty of room. The ground that you lie dead upon doesn’t have a single living man upon it as brave as you. If you could hear me, I wouldn’t praise you so lavishly. But let me cover your battered face with part of my uniform. I’ll thank myself on your behalf for doing these rites of respect.
Adieu, and take my praise of you to heaven. Let your disgraces sleep with you in the grave, and let them be kept off your tombstone!
He spieth FALSTAFF on the ground
He sees FALSTAFF lying on the ground.
What, old acquaintance, could not all this flesh
Keep in a little life? Poor Jack, farewell.
I could have better spared a better man.
O, I should have a heavy miss of thee
105If I were much in love with vanity.
Death hath not struck so fat a deer today,
Though many dearer in this bloody fray.
Emboweled will I see thee by and by;
Till then in blood by noble Percy lie.
What? My old friend? Couldn’t all this flesh hold onto a little life? Poor Jack, farewell. I would rather have lost a more valuable soldier. If I were in love with vanity, I’d really miss you.
Death hasn’t taken anyone as fat today, though it has taken many better men in this vicious battle. I’ll have you embowelled soon; till then, lie here in blood, by the great Percy.
FALSTAFF riseth up
FALSTAFF stands up.


110Emboweled? If thou embowel me today, I’ll give you leave to powder me and eat me too tomorrow. 'Sblood, ’twas time


Embowelled? If you cut me open today, I’ll let you pickle me and eat me tomorrow. Damn! I had to fake