Julius Caesar

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Brutus, this sober form of yours hides wrongs.
And when you do them—
Brutus, your sober expression is a mask to hide the fact that you’ve wronged me. And when you do—
    Cassius, be content.
Speak your griefs softly. I do know you well.
Before the eyes of both our armies here,
45Which should perceive nothing but love from us,
Let us not wrangle. Bid them move away.
Then in my tent, Cassius, enlarge your griefs,
And I will give you audience.
Cassius, calm down. We know each other well, and you can speak your grievances quietly. Let’s not argue here in front of both our armies, which ought to see nothing but love between us. Order them to move back. Then, in my tent, you can elaborate on your complaints, and I’ll listen.
Bid our commanders lead their charges off
50A little from this ground.
Pindarus, order our commanders to lead their charges a little ways away from this ground.
Lucillius, do you the like. And let no man
Come to our tent till we have done our conference.
Let Lucius and Titinius guard our door.
Lucillius, you do the same, and don’t allow anyone to come into our tent until we’ve finished our conference. Have Lucius and Titinius guard the door.
Everyone except BRUTUS and CASSIUS exits.