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Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare

Act 5 Scene 2

page Act 5 Scene 2 Page 1

Original Text

Modern Text

Alarum. Enter BRUTUS and MESSALA
Sounds of battle. BRUTUS and MESSALA enter.


Ride, ride, Messala, ride, and give these bills
Unto the legions on the other side.


Ride, ride, Messala, ride, and give these dispatches to our forces on the other side.
Low alarum
Faint sounds of battle.
Let them set on at once, for I perceive
But cold demeanor in Octavius' wing,
5And sudden push gives them the overthrow.
Ride, ride, Messala. Let them all come down.
They should advance immediately, because I sense Octavius’s side is a bit fainthearted right now, and a sudden push would overthrow him. Ride, ride, Messala. Let Cassius’s wing mount a surprise attack.
Exeunt severally
They exit in opposite directions.