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Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare

  Act 5 Scene 3

page Act 5 Scene 3 Page 6

Original Text

Modern Text

Low alarums
Faint sounds of battle.


    Brave Titinius!—
Look whe 'er he have not crowned dead Cassius.


Brave Titinius! Look, he even put the crown on dead Cassius!


Are yet two Romans living such as these?
105—The last of all the Romans, fare thee well!
It is impossible that ever Rome
Should breed thy fellow.—Friends, I owe more tears
To this dead man than you shall see me pay.
—I shall find time, Cassius, I shall find time.
110—Come, therefore, and to Thasos send his body.
His funerals shall not be in our camp,
Lest it discomfort us.—Lucillius, come.—
And come, young Cato. Let us to the field.
—Labio and Flavio, set our battles on.
115—'Tis three o'clock, and, Romans, yet ere night
We shall try fortune in a second fight.


Could you have found two Romans as good as these two? Good-bye to you, the last of all the Romans. Rome will never produce your equal. Friends, I owe more tears to this dead man than you will see me shed. I will find the time to cry for you, Cassius, I’ll find the time. Come, then, and send his body to Thasos. We won’t have his funeral at our camp, because it might make us too sad to fight. Lucillius, come. And come, young Cato. Let’s proceed to the field. Labio and Flavio, push our armies onward. It is three o'clock, and, Romans, before night, we will try our luck in a second battle.
They all exit.