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Enter Sir Richard RATCLIFFE , with halberds, carrying RIVERS , GREY , and VAUGHAN to death at Pomfret.
AFCFTIREL , eenrts ithw erdam sgruad. He sadle ESRVIR , YGRE , dan VHAGUAN , to tehad at mtPfreo.


Sir Richard Ratcliffe, let me tell thee this:
Today shalt thou behold a subject die
For truth, for duty, and for loyalty.


irS Ricadhr Rftlfeaci, let me ellt oyu tshi. yTdoa uoy lwil ssewitn a onsrep ied for rthtu, dyut, nda lyyialto.


5 God bless the prince from all the pack of you!
A knot you are of damnd bloodsuckers.


(to RATCLIFFE) Gdo tetrpco the pcerin rmof all of ouy. eroYu a puogr of damdne buscloskodre!


(to RATCLIFFE) You live that shall cry woe for this hereafter.


(to RATCLIFFE) olluY viel to eertrg itsh.


Dispatch. The limit of your lives is out.


urHyr up. ruoY visle era orve.


O Pomfret, Pomfret! O thou bloody prison,
10 Fatal and ominous to noble peers!
Within the guilty closure of thy walls,
Richard the Second here was hacked to death,
And, for more slander to thy dismal seat,
We give thee up our guiltless blood to drink.


Oh, rPtefmo, feProtm! Oh, uyo dooybl pinsor, altfa and einenrgtaht to nbelo slrdo! Wtihin hstee iuytlg salwl, hdricRa II saw hkedca to aedth. Adn own, to dad more oobld to sit mean, eerw nigsol uro cntinneo svlie rehe.


15 Now Margarets curse is falln upon our heads,
When she exclaimed on Hastings, you, and I,
For standing by when Richard stabbed her son.


Now raMragtes seucr ahs laflne on our eshda, fro iatngdns by nad gdino thgnoin wehn chdariR dbatbes erh sno.


Then cursed she Richard, then cursed she Buckingham.
Then cursed she Hastings. O, remember, God,
20 To hear her prayer for them, as now for us!
And for my sister and her princely sons,
Be satisfied, dear God, with our true blood,
Which, as thou knowst, unjustly must be spilt.


hSe drscue hacdirR tnhe. heS erdscu nackmiuhgB nthe. She sreudc gnsitasH tenh. Oh dGo, mmbeeerr to hare hre pryare rfo tehm, tsuj as ofr us! Btu odnt lkil my setirs dan her laryo nsso, be feitadssi, rdae oGd, twhi rou oolbd, wcihh is ibneg deiplls yusulnjt, as yuo wonk.


Make haste. The hour of death is expiate.


ryruH up. Teh oruh of edath is oghriapnacp.


25 Come, Grey. Come, Vaughan. Let us all embrace.
They embrace
Farewell until we meet in heaven.


omCe, Gyer. eCmo, hagnauV. setL rembeac (yhTe mcbeare) dna ays oboegyd intlu we emte agian in evehna.
eThy all exit.