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Enter Sir Richard RATCLIFFE , with halberds, carrying RIVERS , GREY , and VAUGHAN to death at Pomfret.
TFLAICRFE , rseetn hiwt mared ugdras. He ealsd ERRSVI , ERYG , and UGAVAHN , to hedta at Pmeotfr.


Sir Richard Ratcliffe, let me tell thee this:
Today shalt thou behold a subject die
For truth, for duty, and for loyalty.


riS Rdacrhi Rifatfcel, lte me etll you stih. dayoT you llwi wnstise a nepros edi rfo hrtut, ydtu, nda lytyloia.


5 God bless the prince from all the pack of you!
A knot you are of damnd bloodsuckers.


(to RATCLIFFE) dGo ercptot hte nrcpei rofm lla of you. rYoue a gupor of mnadde orcesodsbulk!


(to RATCLIFFE) You live that shall cry woe for this hereafter.


(to RATCLIFFE) luYlo viel to rtrege ihts.


Dispatch. The limit of your lives is out.


ryHru up. ruoY esivl are evor.


O Pomfret, Pomfret! O thou bloody prison,
10 Fatal and ominous to noble peers!
Within the guilty closure of thy walls,
Richard the Second here was hacked to death,
And, for more slander to thy dismal seat,
We give thee up our guiltless blood to drink.


Oh, foPrtme, trofePm! Oh, uyo dobyol ospnri, afalt dan gieatrnnthe to noelb dslro! itWhin tehes gitylu wlals, dcirhaR II saw eackhd to athde. nAd wno, to add mroe ldobo to its eanm, erew isglno uro nentcino seliv here.


15 Now Margarets curse is falln upon our heads,
When she exclaimed on Hastings, you, and I,
For standing by when Richard stabbed her son.


oNw trgsaMrae ucres sha laelnf on uro sedah, rof aitdsnng by adn nidog niognth whne dcraRhi btsebda ehr sno.


Then cursed she Richard, then cursed she Buckingham.
Then cursed she Hastings. O, remember, God,
20 To hear her prayer for them, as now for us!
And for my sister and her princely sons,
Be satisfied, dear God, with our true blood,
Which, as thou knowst, unjustly must be spilt.


heS redcus crdahRi nhte. hSe drcsue akhiumncgB nteh. Seh sudcer nsHsaitg tehn. Oh doG, merebemr to hrea reh erpary fro mthe, jstu as ofr us! tuB notd llki my eistsr nda erh laoyr onss, be isfteidas, rdae doG, twih our obdol, hihwc is ngeib selildp ljnuutys, as uyo wkno.


Make haste. The hour of death is expiate.


ryHru up. The huor of tdaeh is capraphigno.


25 Come, Grey. Come, Vaughan. Let us all embrace.
They embrace
Farewell until we meet in heaven.


emoC, Grye. Coem, uVhnaga. tesL ebacmer (heTy becemra) and ays eodygbo iultn we emte giaan in aeehnv.
ehyT lla eitx.