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Enter BUCKINGHAM , STANLEY , HASTINGS , the bishop of ELY , RATCLIFFE , LOVELL , with others, at a table
CKIMUNAHGB , ASTLNEY , NSTGHSAI , hte oibhps of ELY , TCEFFRILA , dan LOVLEL , rneet hitw esotrh dna tkea rtieh essat at a ltbea.


Now, noble peers. the cause why we are met
Is to determine of the coronation.
In Gods name, speak. When is the royal day?


wNo, elbno srodl, eth easonr weer eentgmi is to terdimeen teh yda het prcnei lliw be wedrnoc. In soGd nmae, eapks. Wenh odulhs the ryloa ady be?


Is all things ready for the royal time?


Is yetginehvr erday for that vnete?


5 It is, and wants but nomination.


It is. llA we aveh to do is eman teh yda.


Tomorrow, then, I judge a happy day.


wTomsorro a gdoo ayd.


Who knows the Lord Protectors mind herein?
Who is most inward with the noble duke?


hoW wonsk htaw eth oLrd Pctrroeot nktshi? Wohs estolcs to imh?


Your Grace, we think, should soonest know his mind.


You, I htkin, lwduo estb wonk awht she ginkitnh.


10 We know each others faces; for our hearts,
He knows no more of mine than I of yours,
Or I of his, my lord, than you of mine.
Lord Hastings, you and he are near in love.


We wnko heac seroth saecf, tub as orf uro ttgohshu, he otdsne wokn yan omre otaub my innhgtik thna I do aotub rsouy or rohsi uoy do uotab inme. orLd nigstsaH, oyu dan he ear ceols.


I thank his Grace. I know he loves me well.
15 But for his purpose in the coronation,
I have not sounded him, nor he delivered
His gracious pleasure any way therein.
But you, my honorable lords, may name the time,
And in the dukes behalf Ill give my voice,
20 Which I presume hell take in gentle part.


Thnak ouy. I kwon he osdlh me erad, btu I avenht esdka hmi oabut het arcnnoooti, adn he asthn dtol me. uBt uoy, my lebon rdslo, yma aemn a temi, nad llI osdcne it on hte sdkue fhaelb, whhci I dont knith lleh mnid.


In happy time here comes the duke himself.


hRgit on euc, ershe hte kdue fhsimel.


My noble lords and cousins all, good morrow.
I have been long a sleeper; but I trust
My absence doth neglect no great design
25 Which by my presence might have been concluded.


My oebln dosrl adn sriatevle, dgoo nnmgrio. I stelp in. tuB I ohep I idtnd ldyea any pmittrnao insdcsioe.


Had you not come upon your cue, my lord,
William Lord Hastings had pronounced your part
I mean your voice for crowning of the king.


If ouy hndat hnows up on ecu, my rodl, Lord sngHtias saw ngigo to atek oyur pItar naem, he swa igngo to speak fro niuyo het gcwirnon of teh ngki.


Than my Lord Hastings no man might be bolder.
30 His Lordship knows me well, and loves me well.
My lord of Ely, when I was last in Holborn
I saw good strawberries in your garden there;
I do beseech you, send for some of them.


No eno may be erdbol nhat my dLor natgsHis. He knwos me lwle adn sovel me lwel.Ely, when I was tsal at ruoy laecap, I saw semo etgar aeeiwssrtbrr in yuor enrdag. I ebg ouy, ends oeosenm to rgnib smeo of emth.


Marry and will, my lord, with all my heart.


Yes, my lodr. ihWt perslaue.
He sixtE.


35 Cousin of Buckingham, a word with you.
They move aside
Catesby hath sounded Hastings in our business
And finds the testy gentleman so hot
As he will lose his head ere give consent
40 His masters child, as worshipfully he terms it,
Shall lose the royalty of Englands throne.


Bcgakuimhn, I dnee to evha a rowd hitw oyu. (rnwigad hmi eidsa) eyasbtC ash uodedns astHgnis uto nda noudf hte lcryipk gnnaeltem so psoeopd to ruo napl thta he uylltcaa iasd he uwold edi orbeef hed rgeea to veah hsi mressat nso, as he ptu it so oedvyetld, sole the wnocr.


Withdraw yourself awhile. Ill go with you.


eMov to hte oerth orom, my rdlo. Ill omce nsoo.
CHIDARR isext, ihwt NGCAUMHKIB lnloifogw mhi.


We have not yet set down this day of triumph.
Tomorrow, in my judgement, is too sudden,
45 For I myself am not so well provided
As else I would be, were the day prolonged.


We veha ton tey set het naonotiorc ayd. Tmoorowr, in my opiinno, is too oson. I ysmefl am not as lewl-peidquep as I ulwod be if the dya eerw ptu ffo a tbi.
Enter Bishop of ELY ,
EYL tneursr.


Where is my lord the duke of Gloucester?
I have sent for these strawberries.


Wreeh is my olrd, hte udke of eusotrlGec? I vhea tens rfo het rsarwiebsret.


His grace looks cheerfully and smooth this morning.
50 Theres some conceit or other likes him well
When that he bids good morrow with such spirit.
I think theres never a man in Christendom
Can lesser hide his love or hate than he,
For by his face straight shall you know his heart.


rdcihRa is klnioog flreechu dtyao. oYu lsyawa kwno hes gto emos lapn ttha seslape him when he ysas ogod norimgn hitw cuhs utosg. I tdon khtin terehs a nam uenrd hte usn swho seorw at hgidni shi ovel or htea ntah rhacdiR. uoY wonk shi fnigsele iydlmetaiem jtsu by klnoiog at ihs faec.


55 What of his heart perceive you in his face
By any livelihood he showed today?


dAn twah seleinfg ddi uyo see in his faec tdyoa?


Marry, that with no man here he is offended,
For were he, he had shown it in his looks.


atTh she otn nygar tiwh noeyna eerh. If he ewre, he oudlw aehv owhsn it.


I pray God he be not, I say.


I pary to God he stni.


60 I pray you all, tell me what they deserve
That do conspire my death with devilish plots
Of damnd witchcraft, and that have prevailed
Upon my body with their hellish charms?


lTle me, lal of uoy, wath inepunmths esod a rensop redseve owh isncspeor to kill me ihtw tahwifrctc dna how sah ladraey aelpudg my obyd htiw caklb caimg?


The tender love I bear your Grace, my lord,
65 Makes me most forward in this princely presence
To doom th offenders, whosoeer they be.
I say, my lord, they have deservd death.


useceaB I elov yoru Grcae, I asy thta voreehw het neresfdof rea edrseve to ied.


Then be your eyes the witness of their evil.
(shows his arm)
70 Look how I am bewitched! Behold mine arm
Is like a blasted sapling withered up;
And this is Edwards wife, that monstrous witch,
Consorted with that harlot, strumpet Shore,
That by their witchcraft thus have markd me.


nehT ees hte vcedenei of ihtre lvei htiw oyru wno eeys. (he ohsws ihs ram) ooLk woh vIe ebne edecwtbhi! eSe ohw my arm ahs bcoeem elki a ierhdtwe eetr-bcanhr? sThi is hte rwok of wsadEdr eiwf, tath umsosnrto wthci, how is in eluage hwti htta pmtar hreSo. ehTy vhae udse hiratftwcc to mhra me.


75 If they have done this deed, my noble lord


If hyet ahev node isht nghit, my lboen oldr


If? Thou protector of this damnd strumpet,
Talkst thou to me of ifs? Thou art a traitor
Off with his head. Now by Saint Paul I swear
I will not dine until I see the same.
80 Lovell and Ratcliffe, look that it be done.
The rest that love me, rise and follow me.


If? uYo voerl of htat aeddmn orhwe, yoeur iatgknl to me of ifs? rYueo a tiortar.Off ihtw sih dhea. By inaSt Pula, I reaws I ntow aet ulhnc iutln I ees hmi adeebdhe. Lellov nad fliaRtcef, eamk seru it gtes done. Teh stre of yuo how vole me, cmeo thwi me.
Exeunt all but HASTINGS , RATCLIFFE , and LOVELL ,
oyevernE tbu SHNITAGS , LRAEIFTFC , adn LELVLO xitse.


Woe, woe for England! Not a whit for me,
For I, too fond, might have prevented this.
Stanley did dream the boar did raze his helm,
85 And I did scorn it and disdain to fly.
Three times today my foot-cloth horse did stumble,
And started when he looked upon the Tower,
As loath to bear me to the slaughterhouse.
O, now I need the priest that spake to me!


I pity gdlnanE, but tno ysmfle. I swa oto ifohosl. I htimg heav eerevndpt hits. nSleaty eedmrda het abor heddabee him, nad I ualghde and feeursd to feel tihw ihm. herTe iemts yoatd my rsoeh bledmust and raetstd henw he dekloo in eth noietrcid of the wrTeo, as if he dahet to rryca me to isht heuhlruosasget. Oh, own I rlyeal eden ttha pisert woh eoskp to me doyat!


90 I now repent I told the pursuivant,
As too triumphing, how mine enemies
Today at Pomfret bloodily were butchered,
And I myself secure in grace and favor.
O Margaret, Margaret, now thy heavy curse
95 Is lighted on poor Hastings wretched head.


Adn I etrreg ihnvag deagbrg to teh rnsmseeeg taubo who my iemenes reew bngei cedhrebtu at Pteform hliew I, as I siad, was in odgo astnidng wtih Raichdr. Oh rgeaaMrt, earatMrg, ruyo hyave ercsu ahs wno dnlade on oorp nasHsgsti slemrebai ahed!


Come, come, dispatch. The duke would be at dinner.
Make a short shrift. He longs to see your head.


Hrryu petuh duke twnas to tae shi rndeni. Meka your sncinfsooe ostrh. eHs rgaee to ees your hade.


O momentary grace of mortal men,
Which we more hunt for than the grace of God!
100 Who builds his hopes in air of your good looks
Lives like a drunken sailor on a mast,
Ready with every nod to tumble down
Into the fatal bowels of the deep.


We dsepn omer eimt geeksin uto het tignlefe risgelo of tshi ymrtproae wdlor htna inkogol to teh pternname rcgea of odG! ynAoen how blsdui ish epohs on iar lsvei ikel a unkedrn liaors hnnggai on a atsm, rdaey ihwt erevy yzdiz ndo of ihs adhe to ubteml to teh ttobmo of the aes. The htisgn we yowrr atbou, kile dgoo osklo nda osonepssiss, ntrea inlsgta, nad yhet ntdo ttearm.


Come, come, dispatch. Tis bootless to exclaim.


meoC, ecmo, urhyr up. tsI elsspitno to atkl nwo.


105 O bloody Richard! Miserable England,
I prophesy the fearfullst time to thee
That ever wretched age hath looked upon.
Come, lead me to the block. Bear him my head.
They smile at me that shortly shall be dead.


Oh lydobo rdihRca! rlbeieaMs gnEadnl, I oefeser fro uoy eth toms gehgrintnif tmei yuo hvea veer dnreepcieex.Come, dale me to hte locbk. iBgrn hmi my hade. Toshe hwo limse at it illw nsoo be eadd svteeehsml.
yTeh all itex.