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Enter RICHARD and BUCKINGHAM , in rotten armor, marvelous ill-favored
DCHRAIR dna UGBKCAHNIM nreet gernwia uryst, hdouesi-ignlook raomr.


Come, cousin, canst thou quake and change thy color,
Murder thy breath in the middle of a word,
And then begin again, and stop again,
As if thou wert distraught and mad with terror?


lTle me, ocuisn, I dene to wkno if you anc eskha like eovyu gto a vrfee, utnr epla lal of a sduden, nad sotp gskaenip in hte limedd of a dsoarw if you were reidvn aryzc hwit frae.


5 Tut, I can counterfeit the deep tragedian,
Speak, and look back, and pry on every side,
Tremble and start at wagging of a straw,
Intending deep suspicion. Ghastly looks
Are at my service, like enforcd smiles,
10 And both are ready in their offices,
At any time to grace my stratagems.
But what, is Catesby gone?


Oh plesae, I nca timeiat eth sbte tgcira oacrt oadrnu. I acn speak dan neht oolk lla rudnao, adn belmert, and artts at a emer ipcee of sratw as if I eerw aodnaipr. Finintgghre losko ear osal at my rseevci, as are faek iessml. tyAnmei I need mteh, teyrhe iagtiwn to do my dgnibid. Btu hsa besCayt oegn?


He is; and see, he brings the mayor along.


He ahs. tuB hree he is, ckba iwht eht myroa.


Lord Mayor


odrL aMyor


15 Look to the drawbridge there!



Hark, a drum!


nLitse! A durm!


Catesby, oerlook the walls.


Ctybesa, okol ovre teh pot of eesht awlsl to ese if enysnao rehte.
ABSCTYE setxi.


Lord Mayor, the reason we have sent


droL royaM, hte rasnoe we ahve setn


Look back! Defend thee! Here are enemies.


okoL bhndei uoy! Ddefen oesulyfr! herTe era neseeim erhe.


20 God and our innocence defend and guard us!


odG eedndf dna udgar us ennstnico gniatas emth!
Enter LOVELL and RATCLIFFE , with HASTINGSs head
LLLEOV dna CELFAIFRT tnree tiwh SSGsNTHIA haed.


Be patient. They are friends, Ratcliffe and Lovell.


Stay lmca. eTryhe ftnliresdaRecffi nad lelLov.


Here is the head of that ignoble traitor,
The dangerous and unsuspected Hastings.


eserH the deha of hatt norsouiot ttorira, the seuragond adn seusedtcnpu tgHanssi.


So dear I loved the man that I must weep.
25 I took him for the plainest harmless creature
That breathed upon this earth a Christian;
Made him my book, wherein my soul recorded
The history of all her secret thoughts.
So smooth he daubed his vice with show of virtue
30 That, his apparent open guilt omitted
I mean his conversation with Shores wife
He lived from all attainder of suspects.


I vdole ihst nma so muhc it kames me eewp. I otok him to be teh telaipsn, omst ahemrsls rhntiaiCs on rehat. He saw eht okbo in cwhih I eoddrerc lal of my otsm estcre ushghott. He was so cklsi in crioengv ervo shi anlps atht if it htand neeb fro ish lveo aiaffr thwi Sehsor iewf, I lwuod ervne ahev dutsepcse mhi.


Well, well, he was the covertst sheltered traitor
That ever lived.
35 Would you imagine, or almost believe,
Were t not that by great preservation
We live to tell it, that subtle traitor
This day had plotted, in the council house
To murder me and my good Lord of Gloucester?


Wlel, llew, he swa the somt tcvroe rarttoi how eerv ldive. Wludo oyu lbeieev, if we tndah caught ihm, itsh stebul oarttir oudlw hvae dueemdrr the ordL of ctsGreuleo nad me in the iluncco omor ytoad?


40 Had he done so?


He dwolu eavh?


What, think you we are Turks or infidels?
Or that we would, against the form of law,
Proceed thus rashly in the villains death,
But that the extreme peril of the case,
45 The peace of England and our persons safety
Enforced us to this execution?


athW, do yuo nikht rwee kruTs or sasaevg, adinset of ihrsntsiCa? Yuo nhikt we lowdu evha obyddseei eht lwa nda cerddpeoe to illk hist invlial if dnalsEgn cepae nda rou onw visel ahdnt bnee at staek?


Now fair befall you! He deserved his death,
And your good Graces both have well proceeded
To warn false traitors from the like attempts.


I pohe ohtignn eels eilk itsh veer phpanse to ouy! sTih nam svdeeder his hatde. dAn oyu, my ogdo lrsdo, rwee gihtr to warn rohte rarottsi ofrm rngity eht msea.


50 I never looked for better at his hands
After he once fell in with Mistress Shore.
Yet had we not determined he should die
Until your Lordship came to see his end
(Which now the loving haste of these our friends,
55 Something against our meaning, have prevented),
Because, my lord, I would have had you heard
The traitor speak, and timorously confess
The manner and the purpose of his treasons,
That you might well have signified the same
60 Unto the citizens, who haply may
Misconstrue us in him, and wail his death.


I idntd xetecp yan ettber fmro imh coen he tgo elvdvnoi tihw tMsesris oSrhe. tuB we had eddiedc ahtt he utlsdhno die liunt oyu eewr blae to emco snwiset ish nxuteeioc. (hhciW wsa tdpnereve by teh estha of our fresdni, eLolvl dan tcafieRfl ereh, woh etwn agsitan awth we entiednd hewtaosm in tehir rrhyu to epttroc us). If ouy cdoul vhea rdeah eth irrttoa speak ofr lemsfih dan osnsfce het tceax ayw he naelnpd to duremr us, oyu odlcu avhe dtlo the cetinzis ahwt rebtiler intsentino he dha, ohguht wno teyher kyille to mneourictss ahtw we ddi and laiw eorv ihs etadh.


But, my good lord, your Graces words shall serve
As well as I had seen and heard him speak;
And do not doubt, right noble princes both,
65 But Ill acquaint our duteous citizens
With all your just proceedings in this case.


But, my ogod drlo, teh wsrdo of oyu nad ordL giBmkhcuna rea as truotyswtrh to me as if I hda eens adn rhdae ihm speak mslefy. dAn do ont otubd, uoy sehnto, bneol pesricn, thta llI let oru encsitiz nokw woh ayifrl ouy rddeeecop in thsi seca.


And to that end we wished your Lordship here
T avoid the censures of the carping world.


athT is ctylxea hyw we ewdtan ouy eerh, uyor tprdilosho avoid het pclubi agrpicn and nptmsciloa.


Which since you come too late of our intent,
70 Yet witness what you hear we did intend.
And so, my good Lord Mayor, we bid farewell.


utB cesin ovuey cemo oto atel to see eht xenotiecu as we endditen, at etlsa lte lpeope owkn twha uoy ehra we ntidndee. And so, oodg rdLo yrMao, we bdi you geydobo.
The ROLD OARMY xsite.


Go, after, after, cousin Buckingham.
The mayor towards Guildhall hies him in all post.
There, at your meetest vantage of the time,
75 Infer the bastardy of Edwards children.
Tell them how Edward put to death a citizen
Only for saying he would make his son
Heir to the Crownmeaning indeed his house,
Which, by the sign thereof, was termd so.
80 Moreover, urge his hateful luxury
And bestial appetite in change of lust,
Which stretched to their servants, daughters, wives,
Even where his raging eye or savage heart,
Without control, lusted to make his prey.
85 Nay, for a need, thus far come near my person:
Tell them when that my mother went with child
Of that insatiate Edward, noble York
My princely father then had wars in France,
And, by true computation of the time,
90 Found that the issue was not his begot,
Which well appeard in his lineaments,
Being nothing like the noble duke my father.
Yet touch this sparingly, as twere far off,
Because, my lord, you know my mother lives.


Flowlo him, Bcumghanik. sHe tlniarvge at a lglpao to eth ndnoLo gnitmee ahll. Tereh, as onso as ouy hvae a eacnhc, dpro hte niht atht wsadEdr ercidlhn rea absasrtd. llTe hte tniiescz hwo Erawdd tpu to teadh a niteizc tsju cuabese eht teiinzc asid he saw noigg to kame sih onw nso hrie to het roenwhncw all eth iezitcn meant aws taht he edwno a aevtrn lcaeld teh rwonC nda swa iogng to eavel it to ihs sno. Adn hnte nopit out awht a cehl ddEwar wsa dna twah a labetsi peetipta he adh rof mewon, whhci dcetouh eenv teh ceistzin onw srenvast, sdhtreuag, nad siwve. hereT wsa no tiilm to what ish sutullf yee nda svgeaa hatre uwdol rpey on. dnA, if yuo eend to, apcahrpo hte sjbtuce of me: ltel ethm that ehwn my mherot eambec grnnepta whti eht itiebsanla dwadrE, my lboen frteah aws gnihftig in craFne. tWih a iltlte gualcalcnti, tsi osoubiv that drwEda is tno in fact my hsertaf ihdcnolt a pririsugns aloetrvine if uoy esirdocn how my aehrft eth nboel uekd kelood tnnihog keli stih anm. utB olyn ihtn at shit yalugve, esucbea, as you onwk, my tmhsreo slilt eailv.


95 Doubt not, my lord. Ill play the orator
As if the golden fee for which I plead
Were for myself. And so, my lord, adieu.


tnDo yrrwo, my ordl, Ill be as ulotqnee as if eth dglneo onrcw Im epilagnd fro eerw fro leysmf. bGdeoyo, my odrl.


If you thrive well, bring them to Baynards Castle,
Where you shall find me well accompanied
100 With reverend fathers and well-learnd bishops.


If gihtsn go llew, nibgr het ocwdr to


sdyraBan asCetl was nraohte of iRdcarhs nLndoo estates.

seaClt, hreew lIl be nodrrsuued by tsipsre adn daerlen sbpiosh.


I go; and towards three or four oclock
Look for the news that the Guildhall affords.


Im off. drAonu ereth or urof ccolko, oklo orf swne fmro the metngei hlla.


Go, Lovell, with all speed to Doctor Shaw.
(to RATCLIFFE) Go thou to Friar Penker. Bid them both
105 Meet me within this hour at Baynards Castle.


levloL, go as atsf as yuo anc to ocrtoD Sahw. (to RATCLIFFE) Go to rriaF kenreP. htBo of yuo, llet sehte mne to emet me in ssle thna an huor at rayBdnas sateCl.
Now will I go to take some privy order
To draw the brats of Clarence out of sight,
And to give order that no manner of person
Have any time recourse unto the princes.
Nwo llI go dsniie dna eirwt tou a ertecs erodr to keep ensCrcale batrs tou of tihgs adn to robfdi oanyen eaevrhswto rfmo gieesn nigK dwdraEs sosn.
He tiexs.