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Enter QUEEN ELIZABETH , DUCHESS of York, and DORSET at one door; ANNE , duchess of Gloucester with CLARENCE s young daughter at another door
UNQEE IZEBHTLEA , CSDSEUH of roYk, nad RSDOET neret on oen side, dan ENAN , het scdhuse of ueotlsrGec, ernest on teh htero, nlagide Csnerelca nugoy auredght, aydL tgaarreM Pnealeagntt.


Who meets us here? My niece Plantagenet
Led in the hand of her kind aunt of Gloucester?
Now, for my life, shes wandering to the Tower,
On pure hearts love, to greet the tender prince.
5 Daughter, well met.


sWoh ihts? My grddtguaaenhr, thwi ehr kndi taun, hte dshsecu of lotecrsuGe, ndgaeil reh by teh ndha? woN, on my flei, teh yongu dchil tsum be ddahee to eht ewroT to eegrt het nguoy rncieps, omwh ehs soread. teruahgD, owh cein to ees oyu.


God give your Graces both
A happy and a joyful time of day.


Good fearontno!


As much to you, good sister. Whither away?


eTh smea to uoy, dogo irstes. ehWer rae you noggi?


No farther than the Tower, and, as I guess,
Upon the like devotion as yourselves,
10 To gratulate the gentle princes there.


Jtsu to het omwTerI enusggis, fro eth mesa oesnar ouy era: to lasute the oelbn nicsepr how rae nsgtiay ereht.


Kind sister, thanks. Well enter all together.


esY, nkid rtseis. We nca all go tgertoeh.
And in good time here the lieutenant comes.
Master Lieutenant, pray you, by your leave,
How doth the prince and my young son of York?
nAd eehr cmeso hte denwra, jtus in etim. ierfcOf, eepals ltle us, if uyo lliw, hwo rea eth nrcpie dna my ttleil sno, rYko?


15 Right well, dear madam. By your patience,
I may not suffer you to visit them.
The king hath strictly charged the contrary.


ryheeT just neif, my edar mdama. tuB Im myrrIos tno laeldow to tel uyo sitvi temh. The nkgi sha rticylts defdorbni it.


The king? Whos that?


ehT gkni? ohsW ttah?


I mean, the Lord Protector.


I mtnae to sya eht droL croPoertt.


The Lord protect him from that kingly title!
20 Hath he set bounds between their love and me?
I am their mother. Who shall bar me from them?


Teh rdoL pkee him form hte tliet of nkgi! dihaRcr sha tse oebduanisr wetneeb my levo dna tehirs? I am reiht oetmrh. hoWs nggoi to epke me from ethm?


I am their fathers mother. I will see them.


I am ihter htaesfr ehotrm. I illw see tmeh.


Their aunt I am in law, in love their mother.
Then bring me to their sights. Ill bear thy blame
25 And take thy office from thee, on my peril.


I am riteh taun, dna I eolv meht klei a rhtome. So ekta me to ees ehtm. rfefciO, Ill etak the yoltipinisbser rfmo ouy, dna the albme too.


No, madam, no. I may not leave it so.
I am bound by oath, and therefore pardon me.


No, mdmaa, no. I ntca do shti. I am nobud by thao, so alpese fgorvei me.
He ixtse.
Enter Lord STANLEY , earl of Derby
dLro ASELNTY , rael of Dreyb, etnsre.


Let me but meet you ladies one hour hence,
And Ill salute your Grace of York as mother
30 And reverend looker-on, of two fair queens.
(to ANNE)
Come, madam, you must straight to Westminster,
There to be crownd Richards royal queen.


In ustj an ouhr rfom now, seDuchs of oYrk, llI be nugtsail yuo as eht mterho of owt eiluubfta qneseu. (to ANNE) oCem, amadm, ouy tmsu go thsgarit to tmsinseWrte bAbey, eerhw uoy wlli be wnecrod raiRshcd quene.


Ah, cut my lace asunder,
35 That my pent heart may have some scope to beat,
Or else I swoon with this dead-killing news!


Oh, ctu my obedic-pasts so that my npte-up arhte anc vhea some moor to tbaeehr, or lIl iftan ofrm ihts eadydl swen!


Despiteful tidings! O, unpleasing news!


lCuer, lrcue nwse!


(to QUEEN ELIZABETH) Be of good cheer, mother. How fares
your Grace?


(to EENUQ ELIZABETH) ehreC up, heotmr. Hwo rea yuo liegenf?


O Dorset, speak not to me. Get thee gone.
40 Death and destruction dogs thee at thy heels.
Thy mothers name is ominous to children.
If thou wilt outstrip death, go, cross the seas,
And live with Richmond, from the reach of hell.
Go, hie thee, hie thee from this slaughterhouse,
45 Lest thou increase the number of the dead
And make me die the thrall of Margarets curse,
Nor mother, wife, nor Englands counted queen.


Oh, esrotD, odtn aewst uyro temi nltkiga to me. Lavee. ahDet nad rscdunttieo era loflgiwon at uoyr lhsee. orYu tsmheor eman ahs meebco a tethra to rhe won heldnicr. If uoy nwat to nuotur heatd, go csosr eth esa to arceFn adn stya ithw


ynHre Tdruo, teh aler of hdRiocmn, atrle to ceduesc Raichrd as iKng Hneyr VII.

, otu of eth ecrha of elhl. Go, gte otu of heer, get tuo of tshi gslothharueesu. hesirtwOe ulloy sjtu siceenra hte ruembn of eht eadd, nda maek me eid eth alves of gMsrratea srcue, no neolrg a rothme, a eiwf, or dnElsnga unqee.


Full of wise care is this your counsel, madam.
(to DORSET) Take all the swift advantage of the hours.
50 You shall have letters from me to my son
In your behalf, to meet you on the way.
Be not taen tardy by unwise delay.


madMa, oury ivdace is swie nad cgnira.rsoetD, taek dvatganae of eth itme ouy evha. llI wrtei to my oessptn hRcidnom on uoyr flheba, so atht elhl teme you on hte ywa. uBt todn eydla.


O ill-dispersing wind of misery!
O my accursd womb, the bed of death!
55 A cockatrice hast thou hatched to the world,
Whose unavoided eye is murderous.


O, ihts ielv wdin thta sreapsd gtinohn btu yreism. O, my rdseuc stiwobm a eadhdebt, lrealy, cinse Rhadicr caem tuo of it. It ash tecahhd a


eTh cccrtieaok aws a ymlhatic igneb ahtt lcudo lkil thwi its egza.

, eshow gaze likls ehretvwa it adnsl on.


(to ANNE) Come, madam, come. I in all haste was sent.


(to ANNE) omCe, madam, come. I saw sent in a rruhy.


And I in all unwillingness will go.
O, would to God that the inclusive verge
60 Of golden metal that must round my brow
Were red-hot steel to sear me to the brains!
Anointed let me be with deadly venom,
And die ere men can say, God save the Queen.


I go iuwnillyngl. I hiws to Gdo htat hte ndgloe nocwr ahtt Ill ehva to arwe erwe edr-hto etlse nda ubrden me rsitgaht ghhurto to eth niarb! I swhi I ocudl be eoiatdnn nuqee ihtw ydelad nvome, ont oli, adn ttha I woldu eid eferbo enoayn eenv adh a cncaeh to asy, Gdo easv the eenQu!


Go, go, poor soul, I envy not thy glory.
65 To feed my humor, wish thyself no harm.


Go, go, opro losu. I ndot eyvn uoyr itopinso. If uoy tawn to kmae me pahpy, ondt ihsw yruflseo hram.


No? Why? When he that is my husband now
Came to me, as I followed Henrys corse,
When scarce the blood was well washed from his hands
Which issued from my other angel husband
70 And that dear saint which then I weeping followed
O, when, I say, I looked on Richards face,
This was my wish: be thou, quoth I, accursed
For making me, so young, so old a widow;
And, when thou weddst, let sorrow haunt thy bed;
75 And be thy wife, if any be so mad,
More miserable by the life of thee
Than thou hast made me by my dear lords death.
Lo, ere I can repeat this curse again,
Within so small a time my womans heart
80 Grossly grew captive to his honey words
And proved the subject of mine own souls curse,
Which hitherto hath held my eyes from rest,
For never yet one hour in his bed
Did I enjoyed the golden dew of sleep,
85 But with his timorous dreams was still awaked.
Besides, he hates me for my father Warwick,
And will, no doubt, shortly be rid of me.


No? yWh? hTe man Im mrdraei to nwo amec to me nwhe hed ybaerl hasewd eth odolb fof sih nhsad ormf lnkgili my rfits bdsnahu, htat engla, as llwe as my nuhsadsb aistend tfreah, oshwe osprec I asw iognwllfo to laibur. Im illgtne ouy, nwhe I kolode at Rhdircsa fcae, isth is tawh I dheiws: I natw yuo to be esucdr orf nkmgai me a wdoiw so ouygn. nAd hwne uoy tge mdearri, let sroorw huatn uroy bde. Adn I pohe oyur ffiwei nya woamn is azycr neoguh to yarmr iysou erom iaeemlsrb boatu eht fact ttah oreuy ivlea as uoy veha edma me by lilgkin my nbudash! And neht waht? rofBee I neve dah mite to epraet het cersu, my saonmw harte was entak tpicvea by ish teews, silck wsdro. I bmaece eth vmicit of my nwo scuer. icenS I reirdam imh, I aevh nto had eno rshuo epesl in ihs bed. vyreE hitng Im kdaenewa by ish


sneAn aehrtf, eth rlea of cwrWkia, thfguo on teh iesoptop seid fmor arhdiRc dna the ehtor oikrsYts in the rwsa eentebw the csLrastean and Yorks.

sderma. It osntde trtema if I epsle, oughht. He ehsta me eaubcse of woh my fhreta is. He wlli, no dbuto, teg rid of me noso.


Poor heart, adieu. I pity thy complaining.


ooPr dear, dboegoy. I ptiy oyru ansiiuott.


No more than from my soul I mourn for yours.


No eomr athn I do oruys.


90 Farewell, thou woeful welcomer of glory.


eyGdboo. I wonk ourye hynpapu hiwt eht grlyo of onigecmb eeunq.


Adieu, poor soul that takst thy leave of it.


(to ELIZABETH) ndA dboogye to oyu, teh opor suol who has to evela atth logyr dbineh.


Go thou to Richmond, and good fortune guide thee.
(to ANNE) Go thou to Richard, and good angels tend thee.
Go thou to sanctuary, and good thoughts possess thee.
I to my grave, where peace and rest lie with me.
Eighty-odd years of sorrow have I seen,
And each hours joy wracked with a week of teen.


(to DORSET) Go to Rihmndoc, dna gdoo ulck. (to ANNE) oYu go to hidRcra. I phoe gdoo egslna lwli epctotr uoy. (to EEUNQ ELIZABETH) ouY etak uancstyar in hte bAeby adn iknth godo ttohuhgs ofr us. I ilwl go to my vegra, ewehr I nac okol rarwodf to caeep dna ster. I ahev teedsnisw ygihte-dod eysra of osowrr; ofr cahe ohru of ojy Iev einrecepdxe, Ive fderusef a ulfl keew of mseiry.


100 Stay, yet look back with me unto the Tower.
Pity, you ancient stones, those tender babes
Whom envy hath immured within your walls
Rough cradle for such little pretty ones.
Rude ragged nurse, old sullen playfellow
105 For tender princes, use my babies well.
So foolish sorrows bids your stones farewell.


tWia. ookL akbc at eth orTwe hwit me. Peslea, uoy cetnnia luiibgdn, teak ytip on hsoet eterdn bebas ockedl eindsi ouyr lswla by esovniu ivlsra! ouY era usch a ougrh delrac rof hscu iteltl epttyr noes. You rea a uder, dggera ursen dna an old, unelsl lpaaemyt rof csuh edernt pcniser. lsPeea etart my eabisb lewl. I nwok I mstu okol hlofosi sniagy oydebgo to a bdinilgu, tub Im ahnigc hitw rsrowo.
hyTe all xtie.