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Alarum. Enter RICHARD and RICHMOND . They fight. RICHARD is slain. Retreat and flourish. Enter RICHMOND , STANLEY bearing the crown, with divers other lords and soldiers
Btlsas of irmaiylt iucms (eturpmts adn mrdsu). IRAHRCD dna RNMHIDCO enert; yhet hfigt. DHRAICR is idlelk. heT rtuetmp dsnosu to lsgina a ettrrea. INODCHRM rtraeets. MROCIHND nad YENSTAL , nbeirag eht cwnor, entrur ihwt lrsavee ldrso.


God and your arms be praised, victorious friends!
The day is ours; the bloody dog is dead.


odG adn ouyr wrko be eipdras, ctoirusiov sdrnief. ehT day is rosu. Teh oylobd dog is aedd.


(offering him the crown)
Courageous Richmond, well hast thou acquit thee.
5 Lo, here this long-usurpd royalty
From the dead temples of this bloody wretch
Have I plucked off, to grace thy brows withal.
Wear it, enjoy it, and make much of it.


(finroegf mih hte rwcno) ruogCesuao dicnomhR, you hfgout wlle. eerH, vIe antke cbak eht tnesol wnrco mrfo ttah nvileto ielowlf so it nac gerac yuor roswb. rWea it, oneyj it, nda aekm hcum of it.


Great God of heaven, say amen to all!
10 But tell me, is young George Stanley living?


rGeta odG of aenhve, ysa mnea to lal sthi! utB, eltl me, is nyuog eGgeor eynlSat aivel?


He is, my lord, and safe in Leicester town,
Whither, if it please you, we may now withdraw us.


He is, my ldro, nad afse in ecersLtei, erewh, if dyuo ielk, we nca aeerttr to.


What men of name are slain on either side?


hWihc nmlteegen on ahec deis aveh bnee illked?


John Duke of Norfolk, Walter, Lord Ferrers,
15 Sir Robert Brakenbury, and Sir William Brandon.


oJnh keuD of fklrooN, aletWr rodL reseFrr, iSr bRorte auBeyrkbnr, dan iSr lWilmia rdoannB.


Inter their bodies as becomes their births.
Proclaim a pardon to the soldiers fled
That in submission will return to us.
And then, as we have taen the sacrament,
20 We will unite the white rose and the red.


Bury mhte in a aenmnr rpaoeppiart to etrih bnloe hbtisr. rlmciaPo atth llI opndar hte lsesoidr woh eldf if htey lilw rntrue dan ismutb to my urle. As I ewodv, I wlli ntuie the roYk and aacrLsnet islmifae.
Smile heaven upon this fair conjunction,
That long have frowned upon their enmity.
What traitor hears me and says not Amen?
England hath long been mad and scarred herself.
25 The brother blindly shed the brothers blood.
The father rashly slaughtered his own son.
The son, compelled, been butcher to the sire.
All this divided York and Lancaster,
Divided, in their dire division.
30 O, now let Richmond and Elizabeth,
The true succeeders of each royal house,
By Gods fair ordinance conjoin together,
And let their heirs, God, if thy will be so.
Enrich the time to come with smooth-faced peace,
35 With smiling plenty and fair prosperous days!
Abate the edge of traitors, gracious Lord,
That would reduce these bloody days again,
And make poor England weep in streams of blood!
Let them not live to taste this lands increase,
40 That would with treason wound this fair lands peace.
Now civil wounds are stopped, peace lives again.
That she may long live here, God say amen.
vnHeea, rfo a gnlo meti ouy veha neowfrd upno hte tdhrea btweene ehtm. ielSm, tenh, on hsti luitubafe innuo. hWta arritot resha me adn tdoens sya enam? ndaglEn ash lgno eenb so zycra ahtt hse saw llwnigi to ruth fherels, betrshro diylbln esdh htier ehrobrst dbolo, ehasrtf lhysra gtlrudsheae thire own ossn, ossn weer rocedf to butcher ehrit frahset. llA hist hrteufr ivddedi teh two asmiifel, hicwh were arelyad so yldab eividdd. woN lte miRcdhno dan hlbitezaE, het treu hiers of ehac oayrl eusoh, be jedino rtehoegt! ndA etl thrie hesir, if you are liilnwg, odG, irnche teh futreu ihwt cpeea dan etpnyl! iurcsaGo oLdr, nbutl eht sdswro of hsteo tsorairt how aenm to rate roop gnEadnl apart ainag! tLe osteh owh uowld ram iths iafr dnals epace ihwt tsreaon ied orefbe tyeh acn oynje its aewthl. iviCl sodnuw now nca ealh, and eacep can veli ainag. So htta nldganE yam lvei a ogln flei eikl tish, let dGo ays nmae!
yheT all itxe.