Richard III

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Chop off his head. Something we will determine.
195And look when I am king, claim thou of me
The earldom of Hereford, and all the moveables
Whereof the king my brother was possessed.
Chop off his head. Whatever we decide to do. And when I’m king, remember to ask me for the earldom of Hereford and all the possessions that go with it, which my brother the king used to own.
I’ll claim that promise at your Grace’s hands.
I look forward to that present.
And look to have it yielded with all kindness.
200Come, let us sup betimes, that afterwards
We may digest our complots in some form.
You’ll find I’ll give it to you very willingly. Come, let’s have an early dinner so that we have time to work out our plans.
They exit.