No Fear Act 4 Scene 4
No Fear Act 4 Scene 4 Page 24

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My liege, the duke of Buckingham is taken.
That is the best news. That the earl of Richmond
540Is with a mighty power landed at Milford,
Is colder tidings, yet they must be told.


Your Majesty, the duke of Buckingham has been captured—that’s the best news. The fact that the earl of Richmond has landed in


Milford Haven is on the coast of Wales.

with a mighty army is less good news, but it must be told.


Away towards Salisbury! While we reason here,
A royal battle might be won and lost.
Someone take order Buckingham be brought
545To Salisbury. The rest march on with me.


Away toward Salisbury! While we’re talking here, a royal battle could be won and lost. Someone deliver the order that Buckingham be brought to Salisbury. Everyone else, march on with me.
A trumpet plays.
Flourish. Exeunt
They all exit.