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Modern Text

Smile heaven upon this fair conjunction,
That long have frowned upon their enmity.
What traitor hears me and says not “Amen?”
England hath long been mad and scarred herself.
25The brother blindly shed the brother’s blood.
The father rashly slaughtered his own son.
The son, compelled, been butcher to the sire.
All this divided York and Lancaster,
Divided, in their dire division.
30O, now let Richmond and Elizabeth,
The true succeeders of each royal house,
By God’s fair ordinance conjoin together,
And let their heirs, God, if thy will be so.
Enrich the time to come with smooth-faced peace,
35With smiling plenty and fair prosperous days!
Abate the edge of traitors, gracious Lord,
That would reduce these bloody days again,
And make poor England weep in streams of blood!
Let them not live to taste this land’s increase,
40That would with treason wound this fair land’s peace.
Now civil wounds are stopped, peace lives again.
That she may long live here, God say amen.
Heaven, for a long time you have frowned upon the hatred between them. Smile, then, on this beautiful union. What traitor hears me and doesn’t say amen? England has long been so crazy that she was willing to hurt herself, brothers blindly shed their brothers' blood, fathers rashly slaughtered their own sons, sons were forced to butcher their fathers. All this further divided the two families, which were already so badly divided. Now let Richmond and Elizabeth, the true heirs of each royal house, be joined together! And let their heirs, if you are willing, God, enrich the future with peace and plenty! Gracious Lord, blunt the swords of those traitors who mean to tear poor England apart again! Let those who would mar this fair land’s peace with treason die before they can enjoy its wealth. Civil wounds now can heal, and peace can live again. So that England may live a long life like this, let God say amen!
They all exit.