Richard III

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

350Well thought upon. I have it here about me.
He gives a paper
When you have done, repair to Crosby Place.
But, sirs, be sudden in the execution,
Withal obdurate; do not hear him plead,
355For Clarence is well-spoken and perhaps
May move your hearts to pity if you mark him.
Good thinking. I have it on me here. (he hands over the warrant) When you’re done, go to Crosby Place. But, sirs, do the job fast. And stick to your mission. Don’t let him plead for his life, because Clarence is a good talker and may make you pity him if you let him get started.
Tut, tut, my lord, we will not stand to prate.
Talkers are no good doers. Be assured
We go to use our hands and not our tongues.
Tut, tut, my lord, we’re not going to stand around chit-chatting. Talkers aren’t good doers. Rest assured that we’re going there to use our hands, not our tongues.
360Your eyes drop millstones, when fools' eyes drop tears.
I like you lads. About your business straight.
Go, go, dispatch.
When fools cry, you remain stony. I like you guys. Go straight to work. Hurry now, get the job done.
We will, my noble lord.
We will, my noble lord.
They all exit.

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