The only way to know that encounter with the eternal You has occurred is through the results of this encounter. The encounter transforms you, turning you into someone who sees every other being as a You. Man comes out of the absolute relation feeling a sense of loving responsibility for the entire course of the world. He cares about everyone and everything because he loves everyone and everything. The entire world is a You to him. This transformation is a divine revelation.

Ideal society, community, is formed by a group of people who are in relation with the eternal You (the relation to the eternal You never really ceases, it continues to exist forever in the form of the actions which it caused). These people can all say “You” to the entire world. Their community is based on the common relationship they all hold to the eternal You, the relationship that has transformed them into people who live their lives by encountering. It is through the building of such a community that religion is actualized, and God brought down into the world. In such a community, everyday life is holy.