1. Which of the following best characterizes Buber's writing style?

2. According to Buber, which of the following does modern man ignore to his detriment?

3. Which of the following does not accurately describe the mode of experience?

4. Which of the following can man not encounter?

5. What is a You according to Buber?

6. According to Buber, what are the most basic words?

7. According to Buber, what indelible psychological trait does a human being receive from his time in the womb?

8. What is the "innate You"?

9. What comes first in human development, the I–You or the I–It?

10. Aside from developing children, Buber looks at one other group to confirm his theory of relation. What is that group?

11. Which would Buber consider the most accurate metaphor for encounter?

12. Which of the following statements about spirit would Buber not agree with?

13. What is a theomaniac according to Buber?

14. Which of the following famous historical figures does Buber not bring forward as an example of almost pure person?

15. What is ego according to Buber?

16. Which of the following is not oppressive to modern man, according to Buber?

17. Which of the following would Buber think most accurately describes the religious moment?

18. What does Buber mean when he says that man must "concentrate his soul" in order to prepare for an encounter with God?

19. Which of the following would not be an accurate description of revelation according to Buber?

20. Which of the following does one not lose after encounter with God?

21. What is the true site of religion according to Buber?

22. What transformation does a man undergo when he has encountered God?

23. What need does faith come in to fill?

24. What is the holy man's mission?

25. Why are we not satisfied with human encounters?

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